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Flexible Display Conference Set

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The program is now set for Flexible Displays and Electronics 2007, to be held June 19-21 at the Waterfront Plaza Hotel, Jack London Square, Oakland, CA. This 5th annual business conference featuring 20 speakers, two three-hour preconference seminars, and numerous networking functions is a must-attend event for anyone involved in printed electronics, flexible displays, and microelectronics. IntertechPira is pleased to welcome back Stuart Evans, Non-Executive Vice Chairman of Plastic Logic Limited, as conference chair for the 2007 event.
Industry opportunities and challenges, technological advances, and exciting new applications will be the focus at Flexible Displays and Electronics 2007. Attend and hear the most up-to-the-minute information from a roster of speakers, including presentations from:
- Barry Young, Display Search... who will examine the challenges still to be overcome before commercialization is reached.
- John Cronin, Managing Director & Chairman, ipCapital Group& who will show attendees how to maximize their return and support business goal with IP.
-Gregg Raupp, Director, Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University... who will discuss active matrix backplane technology development.
- Emily deRotstein, Vice President Marketing, Aveso Printed Electronic Displays... who will look at enabling a new generation of microelectronic devices through low-cost and high-volume flexible displays.
Over 125 industry leaders are expected to attend this year's event, including representatives from chemical, substrate, and equipment suppliers, R&D engineers and material scientists, product and technology development directors, CEOs, CTOs, presidents, and sales and marketing executives. You will not want to miss this opportunity to cement business alliances with these key decision makers at our numerous networking receptions, luncheons, and other events.
Seminar Information:
These two seminars have been designed to complement each other with Dr. Drzaic examining the front plane (tranducers) while Dr. MacKenzie looks at the backplane (electronics).
Seminar 1: Display Media for Flexible Displays
Instructor: Dr. Paul Drzaic, Drzaic Consulting Services
Dr. Drzaic will provide attendees with a review of flexible display transducers, addressing areas such as conventional and unconventional flexible LCD, electrophoretics, OLED, electrochromics, and other novel technologies. He will also compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of these technologies. In addition, Dr. Drzaic will lead a discussion of the technical and market hurdles to flexible display adoption, including the challenge of incumbent technologies.
Seminar 2: Electronic Backplanes for Flexible Displays
Instructor: Dr. Devin MacKenzie, Add-Vision Inc.
Dr. MacKenzie will provide participants a review of backplane technologies for flexible and printed electronics, such as direct drive, passive addressing, and active matrix approaches for flexible displays. Flexible display electronics device and processing, backplane device technologies and fabrication approaches including printing, and conventional flex-based processes for active matrix display backpanes and OLEDs will be looked at as well. Dr. MacKenzie will also lead attendees through an evaluation of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the technologies, with a comparison to incumbent technologies.
Contact Conference Manager Khaney Muyderman by phone: 207-781-9614 or by email: khaney@intertechusa.com.


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