ComNet Reveals Fiber Optic Video Link -

ComNet Reveals Fiber Optic Video Link

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Danbury, CT--Communication Networks — a U.S.-based manufacturer of fiber optic transmission and networking equipment — is introducing its first fiber optic video product designed to transport HDMI high-resolution video over optical fiber.

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The ComNet FVT/FVRHDMI transmits a high-resolution HDMI signal over one multimode fiber up to 500 meters for the 1080p60 format. The FVT/FVRHDMI is capable of transmitting uncompressed high-resolution bi-directional communications with full HDCP copyright protection, EDID and CEC connection functionality. HDCP encryption is not affected or compromised by these units. It transmits pixel-for-pixel images with a full 24-bit scan rate with no picture degradation. This unit is fully compatible with all HDMI compliant devices and supports all sync configurations.

According to Andrew Acquarulo, ComNet president and COO: “With the advent of high definition video devices such as the big screen video monitors at stadiums and commercial venues, the need to transport the HDMI video greater distances than what could be achieved over the copper cables became very important. In response to that demand, ComNet is introducing a complete line of fiber optic products designed for the Pro-AV market. The FVT/FVRHDMI is the first of full line of HDMI, SDI and DVI over fiber transmission products that will be introduced this year.”

“Like all ComNet fiber optic, our Pro-AV line is being designed and manufactured here in the United States. We feel having support for these type of products on a local level is a great benefit to ComNet customers,” said Acquarulo.

“The Broadcast and Pro-AV market has been intriguing market for us at ComNet,” said Skip Haight, ComNet VP of Marketing. “With today’s high-bandwidth demand video products, fiber optic transmission is the best solution for solving distance challenges. ComNet has a great track record in solving all types of transmission challenges, and entering this market with a complete solution makes this the perfect market to compete in.”


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Covid (booth C9914) Rainbow Fish fiber optic HDMI cables connect up to 1,000 foot lengths with no signal degradation. These fiber HDMI cables are in-wall/riser rated and offer a unique and easy to install design. The cable is equipped with a USB power cable integrated into the receiving HDMI connector. The housing