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SPEED II Digital Signage Training at CETW

  • BUNN Co. and Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW) have announced that SPEED II, the latest update to Lyle Bunn’s SPEED digital signage training program, will be exclusively unveiled and delivered at CETW in San Francisco, April 27-28, 2011.
  • “SPEED II illuminates the latest strategies and tactics in the ever-changing world of digital screenmedia, which makes this freshly-updated program a key component of CETW’s educational content for digital signage, digital place-based media and digital-out-of-home media,” said Lawrence Dvorchik, General Manager of CETW.
  • The SPEED II program outlines strategic approaches designed specifically for organizations that have already deployed dynamic signage and seek to refine and validate investment prior to proceeding to possible next steps. “The SPEED digital signage training program, which has been presented to more than 2,000 end-user and supply professionals has provided the foundation for these individuals and teams to establish true planning networks,” said Lyle Bunn.
  • SPEED II explores and outlines next steps by providing the necessary framework to better plan new projects while also providing the framework for ongoing and periodic performance review. “The planning guidelines provided by SPEED helped end-users to advance their projects in a manner that was well-positioned to succeed,” noted Bunn. “Market developments related to technologies, advertising and sponsorship, as well as content approaches for example, offer improved strategies to dynamic media network operations. SPEED II delivers this next level of network operations, supply planning and training.”
  • The SPEED II Dynamic Media Program, which will replace SPEED, includes a much broader range of best practice examples and continues to be an in-depth practical and “how to” program designed to optimize networks with inherent operational efficiencies.
  • SPEED II will continue to get project champions, organizations, venues and suppliers quickly “up to speed” in order to accelerate digital signage project lifecycles and provide the solid planning foundation needed for dynamic signage project success. The training program also will continue to address topics such as network objectives, applications, and business models, advancing the project, estimated costs, technology, ad generation, content and other key elements.
  • “Whether you are a company looking to deploy digital signage throughout your organization (“Enterprise Media”), a media company or out-of-home digital network (“Media as an Enterprise”) or an organization looking to buy or sell advertisements in a digital out-of-home format, SPEED II will enable you to strategize, develop and deploy your network more rapidly, successfully, efficiently and effectively,” said Dvorchik.
  • This succinct, information-rich program will provide a sound foundation of knowledge and best practices for organizations wishing to use or supply digital signage. Only at CETW can you attend SPEED II at no charge to you! Admission to SPEED II is included with full conference passes, which are complimentary to qualified attendees. CETW is proud to engage noted industry expert Lyle Bunn to help introduce his new and improved SPEED II program to audiences as a two-part series at CETW San Francisco.
  • Part One will address digital signage as an Enterprise Media and will cover topics such as:
  • The Value Proposition of Digital Signage
  • Dynamic Place-Based Media as a Communication Tool
  • Communication Objectives
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Content Development (“Feeding the Beast”)
  • Success strategies for advancing the Project
  • Defining and Designing the Digital Signage Network
  • Network Financials including Costing
  • Part Two is targeted specifically for out-of-home digital media networks and all those interested in using Digital Media as an Enterprise and will cover topics such as:
  • Advertising and sponsorship revenue achievement
  • Content strategies and tactics
  • The Best Sources for Additional Information
  • For more information visit or contact Lawrence Dvorchik
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