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SpectraCal Releases CalMAN Geospatial

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SpectraCal has released CalMAN Geospatial, a solution for calibrating PC monitors to the exacting standards required in geospatial intelligence work.

CalMAN Geospatial is an offshoot of SpectraCal's flagship product CalMAN.

Geospatial intelligence (GeoInt) viewing requires the greatest possible visual detail and visual accuracy. CalMAN Geospatial ensures that each monitor is precisely calibrated to the standards required by geospatial intelligence agencies. Prominent among the standards is an Electro-Optical Transfer Function (EOTF, also referred to in the industry as "Gamma") that makes sure each gradient step between black and white has an Equal Probability of Detection (EPD).

Similar to the DICOM Grayscale Standard Display Function included in SpectraCal's recently released medical calibration software CalMED+, the EPD curve used in geospatial intelligence requires extremely rigorous settings which the software calculates, tests, sets, and verifies.

"CalMAN Geospatial has been two years in the making," said Christopher Greenway, CalMAN Geospatial product manager. "We worked very closely over a long period with a major launch customer to make sure we met the needs of the GeoInt community exactly."

In addition to the EPD gamma curve, CalMAN Geospatial accurately calibrates RGB balance. This allows support of color as well as monochrome monitors.

Built around a customizable workflow architecture, the software uses a built-in pattern generator and monitor control client derived from SpectraCal's CalPC product, and an auto calibration engine based on years of work in high definition video.

"Full RGB balancing across the whole grayscale can be accomplished in a few minutes by pushing a single button," Greenway said.

The software produces complete and full-featured compliance reports, which can be customized to display exactly the information a user requires, in tabular format or in any of a wide variety of graph types.

CalMAN Geospatial offers support for a wide range of calibration hardware, including most light and color meters available in the industry.

SpectraCal has also introduced a new colorimeter intended specifically for meeting GeoInt standards. Dubbed the Geo-6, the new meter is fast, accurate and rugged, and is priced lower than previously available colorimeters.

CalMAN Geospatial takes advantage of all the hardware resources provided by the workstation, including both the industry standard Direct Display Control (DDC) interface and also direct access to the graphics adapter Look-Up Table (LUT). A unique client-server architecture allows the calibration of multiple workstations over the network.


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