New Products April 2006

New Products April 2006
  • Extron Electronics introduced the AV industry's first complete range of mid-sized 12 input, 12 output matrix switchers. Offering a comprehensive selection of signal switching options, the 12x12 matrix size is ideal for meeting the demands of a wide variety of signal distribution applications, including corporate boardrooms and training faciliites, college and university settings, health care, and other facilities where reliable switching is required. The new switchers include the MAV Plus 1212 AV for composite video and stereo audio, the MVX 1212 VGA A for VGA and stereo audio, the CrossPoint 300 1212 Series for wideband RGBHV and stereo audio, and the CrossPoint 450 Plus 1212 Series for ultra-wideband RGBHV and stereo audio. The Extron MAV Plus, MVX, and CrossPoint Series matrix switchers are the AV system designer's first choice for cost-effective, high performance video and audio signal routing. For more information visit

Altinex's V-Matrix

The V-Matrix is a highly versatile matrix switcher, capable of routing I/O matrices of 8x8 up to 128x128, and handling signals ranging in complexity from audio to composite video to high-bandwidth RGBHV. Based on a unique new design, the V-Matrix provides complete modularity through the use of independent elements for its housing enclosure, matrix router, input cards and output cards. The V-Matrix system enables you to design a huge number of configurations, with sizes ranging from 8x8 to 128x128 (in increments of 8) and signal formats that include any combination of RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, component video, S-video, composite video, stereo audio and mono audio. The V-Matrix will route input signals to compatible output devices; it will not change the signal format, i.e. it will not change a broadcast video input to RGBHV. For more information visit

Kramer's VS Series

The VS-1002xl, VS-1202xl, and VS-1602xl are high performance matrix switchers for composite video and balanced stereo audio signals. Switching during the vertical interval ensures glitch-free switching with genlocked sources. Bandwidth - 200MHz (- 3dB) fully loaded, control on the front panel, RS-232 (K-Router Windows - based software is included), & RS-485. The VS series also features the take button that allows users to execute multiple switches all at once. Memory Locations allow the user to store multiple switches as presets to be recalled and executed when needed. Works with any professional system requiring outstanding value in a 16x2, 12x2 or 10x2 matrix switchers. For more information visit

Analog Way's NATIX

NATIX is an 8x2 Hi-res Scaled Native Matrix with 8 universal inputs and different resolutions on each output. NATIX performs ultra smooth and fast switching transitions with no artifacts (independently on the 2 outputs). The switching or transition can be performed with a fading effect, using a color, black, or one of the two images saved as a frame store. NATIX features logo insertion and frame store functions. NATIX can switch any of the 8 inputs to 1 or 2 outputs. The scaled inputs can be displayed on output 1 and/or 2 with different resolutions. NATIX is especially designed for hi-res AV presentations, boardrooms and exhibition centers and offers exceptional image quality with great flexibility for glitch free and professional presentations. For more information visit

Autopatch's Modula

Simply build your system in increments of four inputs and/or outputs (up to 32x32) in each available signal type. Multiple signal types can be combined in the same enclosure (as space allows) or in the same system via linking enclosures. With routing boards built into the enclosure, I/O boards simply slide into place as needed to increase matrix size at the time of purchase, or in the field. Features: choice of front panel control or blank front panel, remote control options available, RS-232/422 control port, optional TCP/IP control via external module, programmable macro functions, optional volume control, optional SYNC input for vertical interval switching. Also features an optional redundant power supply. For more information visit

Gefen's 4x4 HDTV Matrix

The 4x4 HDTV Matrix routes high definition video in multiple resolutions up to 1080p from any of the four HDTV sources to the displays. Four outputs gives you the choice of sending high definition video signals up to four displays. Any four to any four matrix switching allows for maximum versatility for integrated systems. The 4x4 HDTV Switcher eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect sources to a display equipped with one input. It works with HD-DVD players, TiVo systems, HT PCs, and satellite set top boxes that connect to a DVI display. Every source is accessible at all times by any display by selecting it with an IR remote. Fully HDCP Compliant_HDCP (high bandwidth digital content protection) is a standard encoded into the video signal to prevent it from being pirated. If a source device is HDCP coded and is connected to a display or projector without the proper decoding mechanism, the picture is relegated to "snow" or in some cases, very low (480P) resolutions of the images. For more information visit

Comprehensive's CVG-SW164C

The Comprehensive CVG-SW164C is a high performance, 16x4 vertical interval matrix switcher for composite video and balanced stereo audio signals. It is a true matrix, allowing the user to route any input to any of all outputs simultaneously. Since the CVG-SW164C switches during the vertical interval transitions are glitch-free when sources share common reference sync. There are many updated features on this popular design including audio breakaway, which provides the ability to switch audio independently from video. In addition, the TAKE button allows the user to place multiple switches in a queue, then activate them with one touch of this button or a single serial command. Comprehensive's new control software is included for applications where a windows based PC is used to control the CVG-SW164C. For more information visit

Clear-Com's Tempest Wireless Intercom

Clear-Com will launched Tempest 2400 and Tempest 900, a wireless intercom system, engineered to avoid the need for licensing and frequency coordination. Utilizing Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) in conjunction with TDMA technology, Tempest operates in both the 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz bands.

Tempest is a timely solution for the dilemma wireless communication system users will face when the DTV transition is completed in early 2009. Tempest operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz bands, so it is unaffected by the reallocation of the UHF-TV spectrum. 2xTX transmission voice data redundancy sends each packet of audio data twice on different frequencies, and through different antennas, which assures uninterrupted, high quality audio communications.

Tempest can interoperate with other Clear-Com intercom systems as well as those from other manufacturers through four-wire and two-wire connections. Each Base-Station can operate up to five wireless Belt-Stations, and by stacking up to 15 Base-Stations together, 75 independent wireless Belt-Stations can be integrated into the intercom system. For more information visit

Under Cover's FSW Speaker Covers

Under Cover has introduced a new waterproof, sound transparent speaker cover. Known as the FSW line, these covers are extremely lightweight, durable, and unobtrusive, and offer complete protection from the elements, while allowing audio signals to pass through unhindered. The FSW line of covers, as recently used at the Winter X Games, will protect speaker cabinets from the elements, while maintaining the high level of audio quality that is expected from contemporary audio providers. Under Cover's FSW covers join the company's wide line of industry standard covers, which include the F1 and F2 padded bags and covers for speakers, lighting equipment, stands, and video monitors, as well as the SPF98 range of heat and light reflective console covers. All of the company's products feature an unconditional lifetime warranty. For more information visit

Gator's G-Tour Truck Pack Trunks

Gator has released another new series in the G-Tour lineup. The G-Tour Truck Pack Trunks have a hinged lid, grey carpet interior, 4 casters (2 locking), and feature recessed dishes on the top of the case for stacking without having to remove the wheels. There are two sizes available; The G-TOUR TRK 3022-HS is 30 x 22 x 22 inches and the G-TOUR TRK 4530-HS is 4 x 30 x 30 inches. The cases are 9mm plywood with PVC exterior construction and heavy duty Pen Bright zinc plated hardware. The series is finished off with reinforced stackable ball corners and the new Gator signature shocking red Penn Elcom recessed MOL twist latches and recessed spring loaded rubber gripped handles. For more information check out

American DJ's Accu Fog 1000

A moving-head fog machine, the Accu Fog 1000 is a new high-output fogger. The 1,000-watt unit uses its moving-head mechanism to rotate a full 360 degrees, providing any venue with total atmospheric coverage at a rate of 10,000 cubic feet per minute. The Accu Fog 1000 is also versatile. Due to its design, it can be used in a variety of positions, you can stand it upright, hang it, or even mount it upside-down to create different types of effects. This upside-down positioning is possible because of a removable metal bin on the back of the Accu Fog 1000, which houses its 1-liter fog juice container. The bin is attached with two screws, you can unscrew them quickly, then simply flip the bin around and re-attach it for upside-down use.

Another huge convenience of the Accu Fog 1000 is an optional, larger 1-gallon fog juice container, which can be purchased separately. The gallon-size tank saves users time and effort by requiring less frequent refills. When fog fluid gets too low, the Accu Fog 1000 protects itself via a thermal cut-off that automatically shuts down the unit's pump system. For more info

Lab.gruppen's C Series Amplifier Line

Lab.gruppen is now shipping four new amplifiers in its popular installation-dedicated C Series line - C 20:8X, C 10:8X, C 10:4X, and C 5:4X. Power ratings for each are the same at 70V, 4 ohms, 8 ohms, and 16 ohms. The C 20:8X and C 10:8X weigh 21 lbs. The C 10:4X and C 5:4X weigh 18.75 lbs. All models are in 2U cabinets and are backed by Lab.gruppen's 6-year, no-hassle warranty. The new amplifiers employ a unique Class D implementation suited to lower power levels where the benefits of Class TD are less easily realized and where cost versus performance is paramount. A newly developed universal switching power supply employs PFC (Power Factor Correction) to stabilize current draw and accepts any mains voltage from 90 - 265 VAC (50 Hz or 60 Hz). The combination produces a flat frequency response into reactive loads, and does not color the sound in any way emulating the classic Lab.gruppen Class TD and Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply. As with all C Series models, an interface for Lab.gruppen's proprietary NomadLink control and monitoring network is included as standard. For more information visit

Peter Smith's America The Beautiful DVD

Peter has developed a DVD resource for the convention show professional as well as the broadcast and educational markets. "After several years of pulling together pieces of waving flag video and syncing it to whatever Americana Music track we could find, I thought there might be a need for a versatile video product in the convention market as well as others. I did some research to find that there is NO Patriotic DVD Video on the market."

The Spirit of America DVD allows users to select a song, ie: America the Beautiful, God Bless America, The Star Spangled Banner, and others; then play them from one of several different options including: music with video only, music with video and female vocalist, music with video and male vocalist, music with video and children's choir, and music with video and lyrics on screen.

Stock video and photo elements were combined with a recording of the Appalachian State University Orchestra and singer performances to create this tribute to America. For more information visit

Lightronics' XC Series Compact Dimmers

Lightronics is introducing a NEW line of compact dimmers. This new line, the XC Series, has a new look and is full of new features. Features include; wireless DMX option, an LED digital display, four and six channel capacity, 600 and 1200 watts per channel, softpatch (each dimmer), dimmer limiting, dimmer curve/relay selection, DMX-512 protocol, built In chase function, "set and forget" intensity, architectural interface and AMX/Crestron interface. The XC Series has a sleek lightweight design with rounded edges and an all black finish. For more information visit

NetworkSound's Mamba Digital Snake

At launch, there are two Mamba products: Mamba, a 32x16 line-level digital snake, and Mini-Mamba, a 16x8 line-level digital snake. Both of these plug-and-play snakes use DB25 for I/O, and synchronously transport 24 bit audio at 48 or 98kHz over a standard Cat-5/6 cable for distances of up to 300 ft. Both models have line-level inputs allowing users to incorporate their preferred mic-pre. Both models are also available bundled with SM Pro Audio branded microphone pre-amps, through a partnership between the two companies. At the core of Mamba is NetworkSound's MediaNet audio/video transport technology used in their high-end broadcast solutions. MediaNet features synchronous audio delivery with latency of less than 200 microseconds (I2S to I2S) and built in Cat-5/6 cable redundancy. MediaNet is also the only media transport protocol capable of supporting multiple sources with independent clocks (compressed audio including mp3, and 5.1/7.1 surround sound) over Cat-5/6. For more information visit

ETC's SmartFade ML

ETC's new SmartFade ML, ML for moving lights, brings ETC-quality control to the smallest venues and events, within a super-compact, portable and easy-to-use board. The latest addition to ETC's Smart Solutions line of basic lighting gear, which includes portable control consoles, dimmers, fixtures and fixture stands, the SmartFade ML will be a smart choice for small touring acts, schools, house of worship venues, industrials, and countless other applications.

SmartFade ML brings professional features like palettes, parameter "fan" and built-in dynamic effects to novice or experienced users. Its direct-access style of operation means that students, volunteers, non-technical staffers, and others will be lighting memorable shows in minutes. With a capacity for up to 24 moving lights and an additional 48 intensity channels (dimmers), and the ability to patch to two complete universes of DMX512A (1,024 outputs), SmartFade ML provides a solid range of control for smaller lighting rigs. For more information visit

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