Pexip Launches Pexip Infinity with Dynamic Hybrid Cloud -

Pexip Launches Pexip Infinity with Dynamic Hybrid Cloud

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Pexip has added Dynamic Hybrid Cloud to the Pexip Infinity platform. This allows for on-premises installation of Pexip Infinity to overflow to an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud when on-premise capacity is about to be exceeded. Ideally, customers will no longer need to worry about running out of resources.

Pexip Infinity’s Dynamic Hybrid Cloud functionality supports the variable need for storage by enabling expansion from an on-premise deployment to a private or public cloud IaaS service whenever scheduled or unplanned usage requires it. When capacity demand normalizes, the cloud instance can be shut down, keeping costs to a minimum.

“Dynamic Hybrid Cloud functionality provides the familiarity of an on-premises deployment and the flexibility of a cloud deployment” said Håkon Dahle, Pexip CTO. “It allows our customers to take advantage of whichever deployment model suits them at any given time. The on-premises deployment provides basic capacity for everyday usage, and the cloud-based extension provides extra capacity for special needs. It is also very cost efficient, in that unused cloud instances can be stopped when they are no longer needed.”

Pexip Infinity can be deployed with Dynamic Hybrid Cloud functionality today. It currently combines an enterprise on-premises deployment with Amazon Web Services. Additional IaaS providers will be supported later in the year.

Pexip Infinity with Dynamic Hybrid Cloud will be demonstrated at the company’s booth 9-A104 at Integrated Systems Europe tradeshow in Amsterdam from February 9-12.


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