Magenta Cat5 receivers for Dynamic Signage

  • Magenta Research, provider of tools for adaptive distribution and switching of video/audio/serial signals over Cat5 cable, and more recently, DVI over fiber and/or Cat6, has announced the addition of two new Cat5 receivers to their flagship MultiView Series product line. The K-500 TD (twin-display) and K-500 TDC (twin-display, chainable) receivers reduce receiver quantities by connecting to two back-to-back or close-proximity displays, rather than one display.
  • The K-500 TD and TDC receivers employ MultiView AK500 technology, including RepliSync and proprietary signal algorithms, and are specified to provide QXGA (2048x1536) resolution @ 500 ft. (152m) @ 70Hz refresh. Each receiver uses active electronics to provide two HD15 (VGA) and two 3.5mm min-jack (audio) outputs. K-500 TDC receivers are daisy-chained and combined with a K-500 TD receiver at the chains end, to address a series of four to twenty-four back-to-back displays.
  • As with all MultiView AK Series receivers, the TD/TDC units feature signal equalization fine-tuning, ensuring clear, crisp display imagery. Setup involves only a simple receiver adjustment while looking at the display, simplifying installations. High-reliability design aspects, such as ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection on all input/output circuitry, result in an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 100,000 hours, and the equipment is suitable for harsh or outdoor environments.
  • Maximum source-to-display distance over standard Cat5, unshielded twisted pair cable is 500 ft. for computer video, 750 ft. for HDTV or component video and 1000 ft. for composite or S-video. Shielded or plenum-version cable is not needed; all MultiView Series equipment is insensitive to electrical noise. Configuration of the video type is easily accomplished with an external switch.
  • Randy Young, Magentas Director of Marketing and Business Development, commented: A fairly common configuration in retail dynamic signage is back-to-back displays, for example in the aisle of a grocery store or in a shopping malls concourse. The K-500 TD and TDC cut the number of receivers needed in half, reducing capital expense for our customers. The added benefits are that less space is required and the installations become simpler. The dynamic signage market has been a focus of Magentas for several years, so weve been adding new products designed to optimize the performance-to-cost ratio for these applications."
  • For more information: Randy Young, Magenta Research, (860) 210-0546 x105;

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