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DIGI Awards Drawing Entries from All Signage Quarters

  • Entries are already coming in for the 2007 DIGI Awards. The Digital Signage Group together with Digital Signage Quarterly magazine are accepting entries representing all applications, from retail stores to corporate offices to public spaces. This year's DIGI Awards will once again recognize the resellers, dealers, and integrators who have gone the extra mile to ensure success for their clients, thereby furthering the digital signage industry as a whole.
  • Sponsors of 2007 DIGI Awards include Minicom, Peerless Industries, and Samsung. The DIGI Awards Chairman is David Keene, executive editor of Digital Signage Quarterly and Digital Signage Weekly. Information and entry procedures are available at
  • The 2007 DIGI Awards will honor 13 winners this year with categories focusing on retail and non-retail applications. "Each year we have seen an increase in the diversity of uses for digital signage. We want to make sure we are honoring a variety of applications," commented Jill Miller, EVP of The Digital Signage Group. Winners receive a trophy recognizing their achievement as well as a graphic suitable for use in promotional materials. All partners, including those involved in the software, content, fixture and hardware of the winning installations, will receive a certificate to recognize their contribution.
  • This year the DIGI Awards will be open to all digital signage installations completed in 2006, regardless of the application or the number of screens installed. Any reseller, dealer, or integrator who has been the primary client contact for a digital signage application installed in 2006 is eligible to submit that installation for an award.
  • About The Digital Signage Group
  • The Digital Signage Group is a sales and marketing company devoted to providing a comprehensive line of digital signage products and services to Integrators and Service Providers. The Digital Signage Group (TDSG) has defined its role as a facilitator for the creation and execution of an end-to-end digital communications network, focused on providing project consulting and coordination, constructing project teams, and providing a comprehensive line of specialized software and hardware solutions. TDSG also co-publishes the Digital Signage Resource Directory and Digital Signage Quarterly magazine.
  • For entry rules and procedures, contact: Jill Miller, EVP, The Digital Signage Group, 360-779-6470 ext 298;