Phases Of Success

  • Looking to make the move into HD production, Benny Hinn Ministries (BHM), a broadcaster based in Aliso Viejo, CA, brought in TV Magic as consultants, talking with company engineers about their needs and the options offered by current broadcast technologies.
  • Like most for-profit media companies, religious broadcasters have a strong motivation to get the most for their dollar in updating their broadcast facilities. With a focus on functionality and a finite budget, TV Magic helped BHM engineers evaluate aspects such as the importance of redundancy, where they are concerned about risk management, and identify what pieces of this whole puzzle were most important to them. Additionally, the plan was adapted to ensure that the new systems would integrate with preexisting systems-in this case, infrastructure supporting BHM's Apple editing systems.
  • Because BHM gets the word out through televised distribution of its broadcast product, the look of the production was a primary concern. Thus, the cameras, switcher, and router were more important than the facility's new patch bays, terminal gear, and infrastructure glue. After extensive evaluation of the options, BHM chose Sony HD cameras, a Grass Valley switcher, and NVISION router, selected for their individual strengths and how well they fit into the overall installation.
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