Audix Produces Mic Technique Videos -

Audix Produces Mic Technique Videos

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Audix Microphones has released a new three-part video series exploring the basics of microphone technique for live performance.

The Audix Microphone Technique video series is a microphone primer - an instruction manual for your microphone. The message in the video series, according to Audix, is that a vocal microphone is an important tool needed for your voice be heard.

This overview of microphone technique is comprised of three short videos that provide essential information that can improve a vocalist's live performance sound. The first video serves as an introduction and covers some basic things you should and shouldn't do when singing into a mic. The second and third videos delve deeper into live performance techniques and explore the concepts of dynamic control and proximity effect.

To help demonstrate the subject matter, Audix enlisted the help of a local, live performing band (Portland Oregon singer/songwriter Krista Herring and her band) and put them on stage; giving the viewer real-world examples of musicians using proper microphone techniques. Rather than having a vocalist demonstrate mic techniques in the studio, Audix believes that musicians can greatly benefit by seeing and hearing how these techniques work in context and in turn, understanding how to practically apply these strategies in live performance situations.

Although a microphone doesn't appear to be a complicated device, a vocalist should have a solid understanding of the basics of microphone technique. Microphones are not just exclusive tools for singers; church leaders, teachers, lecturers, announcers, and anyone who speaks publicly will expand their skills as a result of this video.

These videos are available in high resolution on the Audix website by clicking here.

The videos are also available on YouTube here:

Audix Vocal Microphone Technique: Video One, covering the basics of live performance microphone technique.

Audix Vocal Microphone Technique: Video Two, covering the basics of live performance microphone technique.

Audix Vocal Microphone Technique: Video Three. This video explains "Proximity Effect".


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