Pakedge Releases BakPak 3.0 Cloud Management

Pakedge Device and Software Inc. has released the third incarnation of its BakPak cloud management system.

  • BakPak 3.0 features broader capabilities and deeper integration than previous versions, accoriding to the company, with task and management automations that help increase efficiency, minimize errors, and increase profitability for integrators.

“This is so much more than power cycling and rebooting," said Victor Pak, CEO of Pakedge. "BakPak’s intelligence empowers integrators with broader and deeper system control while allowing companies to save on labor overhead by simplifying and automating the more tedious maintenance and management processes.

“BakPak 3.0 monitors, alerts, assigns, maps, repairs, manages and reports. There’s not another remote management system like it."

The cloud-based remote management solution gives integrators end-to-end control from a distance with in-depth monitoring of network devices and control systems. BakPak does this with prioritized alerts, robust permission settings, automated network repair and mapping, easy configuration management, report logging, backup and restore functionality, and TriPlex, a troubleshooting system that determines the cause of the problem in the event of a network outage or configuration error and suggests potential fixes.

Triplex is a built-in network diagnosis algorithm that works to find the source of network problems even in case of complete network outages. If the problem cannot be resolved through BakPak’s own self-healing functionality, TriPlex will report to the user the source of the problem on the network, allowing integrators to repair the issue or prevent it from occurring again. As it goes through these procedures it creates a log that is sent to users as part of a weekly report. The log is also useful to the integrator, because should BakPak be unable to restart the system and it becomes necessary to make an on-site visit, the integrator will have a list of procedures that were already attempted as well as the direct cause of and location of the problem in the network.

“It is intelligence that really sets BakPak apart from other cloud management systems,” said Dr. Marc Ilgen, vice president of software development at Pakedge. “We’re trying to incorporate the same type of computational intelligence used in aerospace and intelligence industries and give it purpose for everyday uses. The best part about BakPak is that all of this comprehensive tech is accessible in a really intuitive, clean, user-friendly interface.”

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