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XL Video Supplies LED for Mumford & Sons Tour

XL Video Supplies LED for Mumford & Sons Tour
  • Following their UK arena tour in Fall/Winter 2012, Grammy Award-winning artists Mumford & Sons headed to the United States for a short East Coast tour to support their latest Billboard-topping album, Babel.

The ‘Tour Of Two Halves’ world tour features over 2,500 of XL Video’s new FX-200 LED spheres together with Pixled F-11 LED screens, HD cameras/PPU and crew.

The band’s Lighting and Visuals Designer, Ed Warren, from Next Level Lights, specified the FX-200 for their ability to produce high-impact low-res effects, having used a number of different tungsten lightsources over and around the stage on their last few tours.

XL Video had supplied the FX-200s on the UK tour and XL’s US music operation, led by SVP of Concert Touring, Mark Haney, took on provision of the matched equipment for the 7 shows in Boston, Fairfax VA, New York and Camden NJ.

“Another great example of doing turn-key XL Video systems between Europe and America, and how it can be advantageous to clients and their bottom line,” commented Mark Haney. “It was a pleasure to collaborate with show designer Rob Sinclair and Steve Gordon, the band’s PM. Steve was a big help as we got this one started.”

The FX-200 spheres were mounted on different length steels and hung from 2 independent trusses creating a curved layered effect to the set. Content for the spheres was fed via XL’s Catalyst 5.1 media servers.

Flown above the stage 3 LED screens constructed from XL Video’s lightweight, modular F-11 product displayed a combination of playback images and IMAG shots fed from XL’s HD camera system.

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