Attero Tech Introduces 32-Channel Dante Break Out Interface -

Attero Tech Introduces 32-Channel Dante Break Out Interface

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Attero Tech will introduce the first product in its new series of Dante-enabled AV endpoints at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam.

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The D32 32-Channel Dante Break Out Interface provides 32 balanced audio outputs, each of which can be driven by a unique Dante network audio flow. The D32 features an intuitive front panel interface to allow Dante audio flows to be easily assigned to each of the 32 analog outputs.

In addition, the volume of each analog output can be set independently, and a level meter that is part of the front panel display shows the output signal level for each channel.

The D32 includes both primary and secondary Gigabit Dante network ports for seamless redundancy, plus a third Gigabit Ethernet port to give other local networked devices access to the Dante network without the need for a separate switch.

The D32 will initially find application in sports stadiums and other live venues, the company says, where large racks of multi-channel amplifiers need to be driven with ultra-low latency from a Dante network.

“We’ve experienced significantly increased customer interest in Dante-enabled products as the overall Dante eco-system has continued to explode,” said Mike Sims, director of sales and marketing. “Attero Tech will be adding additional Dante products very soon to our well established CobraNet endpoints. While our CobraNet products continue to be the most cost effective solutions in many networked applications, the fast growing market demand for a greater breadth of Dante-enabled endpoints is an opportunity for Attero Tech to use its expertise in such solutions to bring exceptional value to Dante installations as well.”


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Attero Tech unDX2IO Dante-Enabled Wall Plate

Attero Tech will unveil a Dante-enabled In/Out end point designed for in-wall mounting. The unDX2IO features two balanced XLR mic/line inputs and two balanced XLR outputs, and fits in a standard two-gang wall box.

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Attero Tech unDUSB

Attero Tech will show the unDUSB Dante to USB bidirectional bridge at InfoComm International (June 17-19) in Orlando, FL. The unDUSB is a great way to integrate audio for a Windows PC or Mac into a Dante audio network.

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Attero Tech Releases GearBox Switch

Attero Tech has released the new GearBox 18/6 Networked AutoMixer, featuring an 8-port PoE Ethernet switch.   The GearBox 18/6 Networked AutoMixer. Native support for room combining and remote-volume control (using the RC-4 Room Combining control and the RV-1 Remote Volume contr