Nureva Releases WhisperTek Projection Surface for Span System -

Nureva Releases WhisperTek Projection Surface for Span System

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Nureva has released WhisperTek surface, a high-performance bezel-less projection surface.

The What Else: The durable, lightly textured surface can withstand the high-use demands of interactive surfaces and regular wear and tear from pen and finger touches over time. The WhisperTek surface has been designed to enhance projector brightness and color, while eliminating the hotspots and glare that are common with other off-the-shelf projection surfaces.

The WhisperTek surface has an aspect ratio of 16:6, which matches the displayed image of the Span system WM210i model, measuring 10' (3.1 m) wide by 4' (1.2 m) high. Two WhisperTek surfaces can be applied side-by-side for the 20'-wide (6.1 m) WM220i model. The product weighs only 20 lb. (9 kg) and ships rolled up inside a compact container, overcoming the shipping and handling challenges associated with large whiteboard and hardboard projection surfaces. Nureva says the surface can be installed by just two people in under 30 minutes.

“Our top priority in developing our own surface was delivering a superior user experience with the Span system,” said Nancy Knowlton, CEO of Nureva.

The Bottom Line: The WhisperTek projection surface is an agile alternative to traditional, bulky whiteboard projection surfaces.


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