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NSCA Cost of Doing Business Survey Opens

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The National Systems Contractors Association’s biennial Cost of Doing Business survey is open for 2015.

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To complete the survey, integrators provide basic information about their company background, staffing levels, and expense data (all of which remains confidential and is processed by a third party). NSCA will work with the third party to compile the data for use in its biennial Financial Analysis of the Industry Report, which integrators can use to:

•Benchmark key financial ratios, such as financial KPIs, sales ratios, and project trends
•Compare company performance to companies of similar size and to the industry overall
•Identify areas of excess spending, inefficiencies, and wasted money
•Pinpoint efficiency and financial performance aspects that beat the competition

“Our members find great value in this report – to the point where they’re beginning to ask for it every year as opposed to every other year,” says NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson. “The more early participation we have, the faster we can put together the highly anticipated Financial Analysis of the Industry Report. If integrators discover areas of large deviation from the median when comparing the metrics provided in the report, we recommend highlighting those areas to review with their management teams. These deviations indicate areas of potential cost savings.”

Integrators that return a completed a survey will receive:

•A customized report ($399 value) comparing the participating company’s results to the results of other electronic systems integrators
•Free admission to a special webinar led by NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson, who addresses survey results and provides tips on applying the report to business practices


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NSCA New AV Industry Analysis and Report

The National Systems Contractors Association has released an updated Financial Analysis of the Industry report, providing information that systems integrators can use when benchmarking costs, profits, sales and other data against industry peers of similar sizes and systems focus.

Rental Staging Business Metric Survey

The Rental and Staging Business Metric Survey provides valuable financial analysis to owners and managers that want to reinforce good practices and address weak results. The companies that participate range from $1 million up to $50 million in revenue.

USAV Endorses NSCA Membership and Business Conference

The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) and USAV have announced an endorsement involving NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference and NSCA Membership. The partnership provides USAV members with discounted rates to attend the Business & Leadership Conference, in addition to discounted NSCA member dues.

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InfoComm's Digital Signage=Business Value Roundtable

Audio-visual supplier TD Maverick and digital signage manufacturer ONELAN will sponsor InfoComm International’s upcoming Digital Signage = Business Value Roundtable events at the Chandos House in Westminster, London from 2 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, and The Plaza Hotel in Dublin from 2 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, 22 October 2015.

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Protec partnered with d3 Technologies for a high-profile ceremony in Dubai. Protec selected d3 software suite to handle the video elements for the opening ceremony of the Nad Al Sheba (NAS) Sports Tournament 2015.