Capital Lighting Uses StrandVision Digital Signage in All 21 Locations -

Capital Lighting Uses StrandVision Digital Signage in All 21 Locations

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ALEXANDRIA, VA--Capital Lighting & Supply (CLS) has deployed a digital signage network from StrandVision LLC of Menomonie, Wis. that extends to all of its 21 locations in Maryland and Virginia. It has also moved up to StrandVision’s Platinum subscription level, which adds the ability to run unlimited playback of up to 60 minutes of streaming video within its mix of digital signage pages.

Capital Lighting uses the digital signs to promote products and services at its branch locations. The signage system also promotes upcoming training seminars and features customer events, as well as individual customers who participate in CLS promotions. The signage also offers industry notices and displays promotional videos from CLS suppliers who offset some of the cost of the system through coop advertising programs.

The signage network supports CLS’ four regions by enabling corporate messages to be carried across all 21 locations while allowing region-specific pages promoting local events and promotions to be displayed in the local regions.

The digital signage displays, mostly 42” LCD television monitors, are mounted over parts counters where customers can easily view a rotation of informational slides and videos. The signs also display national and local news, weather and sports.

Designed to complement other CLS marketing materials, such as its Web site, email and postcard campaigns, newsletters and the Capital Now customer magazine, the StrandVision digital signs bring promotional messages directly to the parts/service sales counter. They provide visual focal points and a means to passively communicate with customers as they receive service.

The full rollout to all 21 locations enables CLS to project that they are a progressive organization while reaching customers with timely, consistent, actionable information right at the point of purchase.

“Our StrandVision digital signage network is yet another avenue to communicate with customers in order to introduce new products, services and events,” said CLS Vice President, Marketing Ken Cain. “Many of our customers aren’t aware of all of the products we carry or the services that we offer. The digital sign is a convenient, efficient way for us to let them know and, perhaps, save them a trip to another supplier. We’re still discovering the digital sign’s full potential.”


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