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New Analog HD Down Converter from AV Toolbox

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TV One’s AV Toolbox Division adds the VS-223 Analog HD Down Converter to the product line. It is designed to convert a variety of HDTV images, ranging from 480p to 1080p resolution, to an interlaced NTSC or PAL Standard Definition video signal. The VS-223 provides simultaneous Composite Video and S-Video outputs and also incorporates a bypass feature for the HD Component Video input.

The VS-223 is ideal for situations where the available monitors are capable of displaying only Composite Video or S-Video signals but the source material is available only in the analog HDTV component video format. An Overscan/Underscan switch insures that all of the input HD video information can fit into the SD video output. The user may select either NTSC or PAL as the output video standard.
The unit has a small footprint and is shipped with an AC to DC Power Adapter featuring a unique locking power connector to enhance overall system mechanical security.


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