Intel and Microsoft Announce Joint Digital Signage Evaluation Kit -

Intel and Microsoft Announce Joint Digital Signage Evaluation Kit

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Windows and Intel unveiled a jointly developed Digital Signage Evaluation Kit aimed at simplifying and speeding the time to market of signage deployments.

Using Windows Embedded 7 and Intel's Core I.5 processor, the kit solves many of the technical issues deployers face, says Lorraine Bardeen, Windows Embedded EMEA marketing manager. Bardeen announced the device's availability along with Intel digital signage director Jose Avalos at the first day of the Digital Signage Strategies Forum, part of Screenmedia Expo Europe 2010, today in London.

According to a website link provided by Avalos, "the Digital Signage Evaluation Kit (DSEK-10) offers device manufacturers and software developers an open media player platform that is optimized for digital signage applications."

The DSEK is an integrated hardware and software platform that has been tested extensively by the companies' joint engineering team, Bardeen says, which will allow digital signage deployers to spendmore time on content and less on the technical issues.

"They can spend more time on 'wow'-factor," she said. "Their job is to meet the needs of their business...not spend time integrating the hardware and the software."


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