New Products January 2009

New Products January 2009


Sanyo introduces the PLV-Z3000, a 120 Hz full HD 1080p LCD projector that features Sanyo's 3D color management system, a high contrast ratio of 65,000:1, an advanced lens shifting function, and a quiet fan system. Replacing the popular PLV-Z2000, the new PLV-Z3000 offers Sanyo's proprietary TopazReal HD technology, which includes 14-bit digital processing and the real-focus HD lens system. TopazReal HD is a 3D color management system that addresses changes in color phase and color level to obtain perfect color reproduction, producing 1,110 times more color combinations than 720p projectors, for a total of approximately 216 billion color combinations. The PLV-Z3000 is available for an MSRP of $3,295. Visit

Video Mount Products launches its new DVR-LB1 DVR lockbox. High-end electronics have become a staple in today's residential, security, and commercial marketplaces. As these expensive technologies and equipment, including DVRs, find homes in more and more residential, commercial, and professional settings, additional security measures need to be taken to ensure these electronics are not harmed or stolen. Video Mount Products' DVR-LB1 has been designed specifically for the peace of mind of those who require DVRs be installed in specific settings that may be prone to theft or vandalism. It includes a fan for additional ventilation. It is available now at an MSRP of $199.95. Visit

Extron Electronics introduces the MPX Plus 866 A ProDSP media presentation matrix switcher, a new multi-format matrix switcher with integrated audio digital signal processing. The MPX Plus 866 A is the first matrix switcher to combine VGA, video, and audio signal routing with ProDSP, an audio processing platform based on a 32/64-bit floating point DSP engine. ProDSP offers an extensive selection of audio DSP tools designed to facilitate audio system design, configuration, and commissioning. ProDSP is configured and managed through Extron's unique DSP Configurator Software, which provides an intuitive graphical user environment for full control and management of audio DSP functions. It is available now at $8,390. Visit

Atlona Technologies releases its all-new USB-to-HDMI adapter, the AT-HDPiX. This new solution is designed to add a HDMI port to any computer, Mac or PC. The HDPiX provides a simple solution for viewing content from a computer on any HDTV at a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 or 720p. The device features a small form factor, which allows it to hide behind computers or displays. Because the unit takes audio from the 3.5mm stereo jack from the computer, rather than through USB connection, the entire 34 Mbps bandwidth of the computers USB connection can be used to transfer HD video. This ensures high-quality video playback without dropping frames during high motion video such as sports, or video games. Audio from the computer is embedded with the video and transferred to an HDTV over a single HDMI cable. The HDPiX is available at an MSRP of $179. Visit

Turning Technologies announces the availability of ResponseCard AnyWhere, its newest and most versatile audience response system yet. An LCD screenequipped handheld receiver for presenters that is approximately the size of a deck of cards, ResponseCard AnyWhere is the perfect solution for teachers, trainers, or meeting moderators who need a highly portable, preparation-free polling solution that doesn't require a projector or computer. Unlike other systems, ResponseCard AnyWhere does not require a projector or computer or even electrical outlets to operate. Meeting attendees or students respond to questions via ResponseCard RF keypads selecting options A-J from the multiple choice options presented with the question. The ResponseCard AnyWhere receiver is $299 and each keypad is $69. Visit

Hitachi Home Electronics introduced the CPX4 3LCD projector. The new CPX4 projector weighs only 4.1 pounds, yet offers a brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens and a variety of connectivity options. The CPX4 offers networking capability, allowing for easy maintenance and monitoring. Through a wired or wireless LAN connection, an AV/IT administrator can monitor and diagnose the condition of every projector on the network. Additionally, the timing of switching the projector's power on and off can be automatically set from a computer. When the CPX4 is connected to the network, it accesses the server and automatically matches its clock to the server time. The CPX4 is available now at $899. Visit AUDIO MIXER

Designed for medium zone-based audio distribution applications, the Intelix Audisey Athena-8 combines the flexibility of a true matrix mixer with digital signal processing and up to 16 individual amplifiers - all in a single three-rackspace package. Plus, the Athena's internal digital amplifiers feature 93 percent energy efficient performance with load sensing capability, providing powerful performance with low heat loss. Available in 8 inputs by 8 outputs, the Intelix Audisey Athena features built-in audio preamplification, phantom power, input signal processing, true matrix mixing, output signal processing, and either 8 or 16 channels of independent power amplification with up to 100 watts per channel. The Athena-8 retails at $3,440. Visit

Avocent announces the MPX1550 wireless extender. This product combines Avocent's MPX1500 wireless video distribution technology with IEEE802.11n MIMO-based radios, thereby raising the bar for wireless HD video distribution systems in terms of visual acuity, transmission distance, and noise immunity. With the MPX1550 system, deployment of a single stream of media to many displays can be accomplished in minutes. Unlike multiple source devices, however, video and audio remain in lockstep across all displays, failure-prone moving parts are kept to a minimum, and software-licensing costs are greatly reduced. Equally important, all devices in the media network are remotely manageable using the MPX1550 extender's onboard web interface. They are available this month at an MSRP of $1,145 each. Visit

Canon has again advanced the REALiS multimedia projector line with the introduction of two new models. Canon's REALiS WUX10 is the first WUXGA-resolution widescreen multimedia projector using LCOS technology. It delivers the highest resolution of any Canon projector. Canon's REALiS SX80 multimedia projector is a high-resolution SXGA+ model that combines multiple features, including being the first projector to offer PictBridge connectivity. In addition, both of the new multimedia projectors feature Canon's proprietary AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) Optical Engine. The REALiS WUX10 is available at a suggested list price of $12,999. The REALiS SX80 is available at a suggested list price of $3,999. Visit


Tannoy launches the CVS4 Micro compact ceiling loudspeaker. The CVS4 Micro is a full bandwidth ceiling speaker system comprising a 100mm mid bass driver with a coaxially mounted 19mm high frequency section mounted in a vented, injection-molded, paintable front baffle manufactured from UV/weather resistant UL94V-0 ABS material. CVS4 Micro is for those applications where above-ceiling space is limited thanks to its shallow back can with a depth of less than four inches. With a frequency range of 90 Hz to 22 kHz, continuous program power capacity of 80 W, and sensitivity of 87 dB, the CVS4 Micro is suited for medium-volume BGM and business/conferencing applications where even coverage and low-distortion, high quality natural sound is required. The CVS4's are $144 each. Visit


Sierra Video announces the release of TyLinx Pro, new router control software for Sierra's entire line of video and audio routing switchers. This enhanced version of Sierra's TyLinx Router Control Software can provide profiles for each user and adds additional security features for the control system. TyLinx Pro utilizes a Windows-based graphical user interface that allows users to virtually re-create their routing system on their computer desktops, defining sources and destinations, signal formats, and cabling. The operating window, or console player, contains simple tabs that can be switched between Button Per Source and XY views of the routing switcher. TyLinx Pro Router Control Software is currently available as a free download from Sierra Video at Visit


Alcorn McBride introduces the Digital Binloop HD, a product that provides playback of up to eight HD video channels in only three rack units. The Digital Binloop HD stores video on Compact Flash, so it has no moving parts to wear out and handles video resolutions of 1080i, 720p, 480p/576p, or 480i/576i. The Digital Binloop HD outputs video via HDMI or HD-SDI with embedded audio. In addition to the unit's HD video capabilities, the Digital Binloop HD also supports stereo audio or Dolby or DTS bitstreams. It can also output networked audio via a CobraNet option. U.S. MSRP starts at $6,000 for two channels. Visit


With the Gefen Audio/Video Scaler Pro, you can adjust key video aspects such as color, aspect ratio, and noise reduction. Audio and video in different formats is digitized and scaled into outgoing HDMI together with external digital audio. Powered speaker outputs provide additional convenience when monitoring audio sources. The Audio/Video Scaler Pro is made to fit neatly in an equipment rack, conveniently close to the center of AV operations. Rack ears are included. Video inputs can be HDTV television, computer video, component, and SD. Computer users will especially benefit from widescreen scaling of VGA and DVI desktops. It is available now at $12,999. Visit


Sony introduces the next generation of SXRD 4K projectors - the SRX-T110 and SRX-T105. The SRX-T110 and SRX-T105 are equipped with three Silicon X-tal Reflective Display devices and deliver a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels - more than four times the resolution of consumer HDTV. This high-resolution capability allows 2K images to be displayed simultaneously in four quadrants or in a twin side-by-side display. The projectors also offer a contrast ratio of 2,500:1. In addition, the SRX-T110 provides a high brightness of 11,000 lumens, while the SRXT105 offers a brightness of 5,500 lumens. Prices are $120,000 for the SRX-T110 and $78,000 for the SRX-T105. Visit avassets new products


Kramer Electronics introduces its SPK Series Speakers comprised of six models for various AV applications. The SPK Series includes closed-back models with can backs and open-back models with round grilles for ceiling mounting. The line also includes an open-back model with a rectangular grille for wall mounting and an enclosed rectangular model for indoor/outdoor surface mounting. The SPK-CO608 model speakers are round ceiling-mount speakers and the SPK-IO608 are rectangular wallmount speakers. The SPK-IO608 wall-mounted speakers can be mounted vertically or horizontally both indoors and outdoors. Both models are open-back two-way speakers with a 6.5-inch woofer and one-inch tweeter. The SPK Series Speakers are priced from $130 to $295. Visit


SMART Technologies announces the SMART Table interactive learning center, a learning display designed specifically for preschool to sixth grade students. The new product is a brightly colored table with a touch-sensitive surface where groups of students can simultaneously interact with digital content. The SMART Table provides a learner-centric experience for small groups that allows students to select or move objects, draw or write on the screen simultaneously, and work together to find answers to preset questions. The interactive learning center is an ideal complement to the wholeclass learning opportunities provided by SMART Board interactive whiteboards. The suggested North American education price for the SMART Table interactive learning center is $8,000. Visit


Christie introduces the LX700 with 4DColor technology. This fourpanel LCD projector offers a combination of real color and high brightness in a compact size. At 7,000 lumens and XGA resolution, the Christie LX700 contains 4DColor technology combined with inorganic LCD panels. 4DColor provides a 20 percent increase in color gamut over previous three-panel LCD models. The inorganic panels help create a natural black for sharper images and increased contrast ratio. Also, the LX700 contains an autofilter system that rolls out a new filter every 1,000 hours for up to 10,000 hours. The Christie LX700 is shipping now at an MSRP of $10,495. Visit


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