EYE Joins OAAA Campaign

NEW YORK, NY--EYE USA is proud to once again participate in an OAAA-sponsored public service campaign. As a follow-up to the “VS/US” campaign surrounding the presidential election, the OAAA is sponsoring a new campaign around the presidential inauguration.

The Out-of-Home industry is celebrating the power of the Constitution and the inauguration by posting “We the People”, a nationwide public service campaign. Key phrases from the Constitution will be depicted with eye-catching graphics on digital displays across the country.

The second recent collaboration between the OAAA and TAXI New York, “We the People”, was designed pro bono by the agency. Paul Lavoie, the agency’s chairman and chief creative officer, and executive creative director Ron Smrzcek led work on the campaign.

“We saw this as a perfect opportunity to promote Out-of-Home as a national medium, not only a regional one. And doing it at a time when our nation has been divided politically and economically makes for a powerful message,” said Ron Smrczek.

“EYE is delighted to take part in this innovative campaign driven by the OAAA,” stated EYE USA’s Vice President of Marketing Michelle Schiano. “Out-of-Home is a powerful medium with vast reach. We are excited to be taking part in getting this message to the nation.”

The EYE portfolio in the USA encompasses over 3,500 panels in over 250 shopping malls across the country, with more than half the portfolio sitting in the top 30 DMAs. EYE’s digital network includes nine malls across the country and consists of 69 digital units.

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