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Stampede Named Distributor for TAP·it Assistive Learning Platform

  • Stampede Presentations Products, Inc. has been named the North American distributor of the TAP·it (Touch Accessible Platform Interactive Technology) Assistive Learning Platform.
  • The TAP·it platform is the first ADA compliant interactive learning station designed to differentiate between an accidental touch or arm resting on the screen and an intentional screen-tap by a finger or assistive device. The platform provides an optimal learning interface for students with special needs to operate at their own pace, including those students with physical disabilities, fine motor delays, visual or hearing impairments or developmental delays. The TAP·it touch accessible interactive learning platform is a transformative tool for therapists and educators, and supports shared occupational therapy and academic goals by minimizing barriers and maximizing flexibility by adapting to a person's individual needs.
  • "We are proud to bring this groundbreaking assistive learning technology to our dealer partners in the K-12 and Higher Education markets," Stampede president and COO Kevin Kelly said. "The availability of this remarkable platform completely reinvigorates the ways in which classroom technology is deployed to help those students who need creative solutions in their learning environments."
  • With the touch of a button, the TAP·it platform can move up or down and the 42-inch interactive LCD panel can be tilted from 0 - 90 degrees, to be brought within reach for people using wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility devices. These adjustments make the TAP·it platform more accessible to physically challenged students and their instructors or therapists than stationary wall-mounted boards.
  • Recognizing the challenges of classroom environments, the TAP·it platform's commercial grade LCD panel is made of shatter-resistant safety glass; is impervious to dust, grit, grime or other contaminants; and its screen technology, used by the military, is repurposed exclusively for the TAP·it platform, and resists marks and scratches. Mobility is essential for educators or therapists who may use the TAP·it platform in multiple classroom or therapy environments, so the TAP·it platform can be easily rolled to desired locations, and the workstation is kept secure and stable with commercial grade locking casters. The field-tested platform is counter-balanced, so even if a person leans his or her full body weight against it, the TAP·it platform will not tip.
  • Not only is the TAP·it platform compatible with virtually every educational and assistive software program being used on classroom computers, it improves the user-experience in a number of ways. The large, touch-sensitive screen supports the use of on-screen keyboards or voice recognition for typing; switch/scanning for mouse control or cause/effect programs; screen readers for text to speech capabilities; and screen magnification programs. TAP·it can also be used with Tool Factory's special education software bundles, Claro Software's assistive speech and imaging programs, and Daydream Interactive Content Packs' curriculum-based content and ready-made interactive activity software.
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