New Products: Spring 2014 Round-Up

New Products: Spring 2014 Round-Up

Lencore Sound Manager 2.0

Lencore Sound Manager 2.0
Working with Control Concepts, Lencore redesigned the graphic user interface (GUI ) as well as the control functionality for the Sound Manager 2 firmware to simplify the system. Sound Manager 2.0 is built off of the same concept of system control as its predecessor but operates dynamically different in order to improve speed and efficiency for the user. System componentry is more readily identified and adjusted through the new firmware; also, presets for masking, paging, and audio, as well as zoning capabilities now improve the client’s efficiency through Sound Manager 2.0. Control Concepts took the time to first understand how the firmware was used and how it benefited the customer before designing the solution

D-Tools SIX 2013 R2

Available now to integrators worldwide, the D-Tools SIX 2013 R2 release adds new productivity features and enhancements that enable integrators to both maximize the efficiency of their business processes and increase profitability while reducing overhead. This third release on the new architecture of the System Integrator platform, SIX 2013 R2 offers efficiency improvements to the catalog, projects, system design, and reporting. SIX 2013 also offers improvements in virtually every functional area including data and project management, QuickBooks, and third-party integrations, and prepares users to work more effectively with the new iOS-based Mobile Quote iPad app.

Extron Fiber Optic Termination Kit

The Extron Fiber Optic Termination Kit enables quick, reliable termination of Extron multimode and singlemode fiber optic cables with high-performance, pre-polished connectors. Each kit includes all the tools and equipment needed to strip, prepare, cleave, and terminate a fiber optic cable using Extron Quick LC Fiber Optic Connectors. A VFL (visual fault locator) is also included to provide a visual indication of a properly terminated fiber optic connector. A durable canvas bag offers a convenient way to organize, transport, and protect the tools and supplies provided in the termination kit. The Extron Fiber Optic Termination Kit is for a range of applications requiring long distance transmission of high resolution content with high quality.

RF Venue RF Optix

Wireless audio manufacturer RF Venue has released the RF Optix RF to fiber optic conversion system, a new tool for mainstream wireless microphone users that expands the possibilities of antenna distribution and wireless audio design. The RF Optix system leverages the low cost, lossless characteristics of fiber optic cable over the expensive, fragile, lossy characteristics of coaxial cables. Fiber cable runs thousands of feet long are possible with negligible in-line attenuation, so antennas can be remoted in venues far away from racks or equipment rooms located elsewhere in the facility. The RF Optix system is offered as a single channel for connecting to one antenna or in a dual channel package for diversity antenna systems. The install package includes wall or rack mountable flanges and the live package includes a hard-shell carrying case. Both options include 10ft BNC to SMA adapter cables for connecting to antennas and wireless rack equipment; 9V screw-on power supplies are also provided. Available accessories include 100m single mode plenum fiber cables and 100m indoor/outdoor reinforced fiber cables.


DVDO's Test Pattern Generator

DVDO’s pocket-sized Test Pattern Generator (TPG), the AVLab TPG, allows professional AV installers to generate 4K custom test patterns to ensure proper set-up and calibration for 4K Ultra HD displays onsite. The AVLab TPG supports full 4K Ultra HD resolution at 50/60Hz, as outlined in Version 2.0 of the HDMI Specification, and is designed specifically for use with color management system (CMS) software, like Spectracal’s CalMAN . The calibration process is streamlined by interfacing directly with CM S software to automatically display 4K test patterns. Other features include: custom ISF black and white PLUGE patterns; dynamically generated patterns via USB control; direct USB control via CM S software (i.e., CalMAN); field-upgradeable firmware and patterns; HDMI/MHL pass-through convenience feature; USB powered or with AC adapter.

Klein Tools Open Jaw Cable Cutter

Klein Tools’ Open Jaw Cable Cutter is a ratcheting cable cutter with front-loading jaws that easily wrap around cable in confined spaces. The Open Jaw Cable Cutter (Cat. No. 63711) with a high-leverage ratchet mechanism allows for single handed cutting of 600 MCM Copper and 750 MCM Aluminum without leaving burrs or sharp edges. It can also cut 1.125-inch communication cable. This cable cutter features a spring release lever that quickly resets the blades between cuts. Plastic covered handles with hand guards provide comfort and a firm grip.

Atlas Sound DT12-2X2ADP

Atlas Sound DT12-2X2ADPAtlas Sound’s DT12-2X2ADP ceiling tile adapter is designed for use with the Atlas Sound DT12 1x2 drop-in speaker system. The DT12-2X2ADP is an adapter plate that turns the Atlas Sound DT12 1x2 lay-in speaker package into an easy to install 2x2 speaker package that can replace an entire 2x2 acoustical tile. The kit includes two adapter plates and an additional T-bar support. The DT12-2X2ADP is manufactured at the same factory as the DT12 to insure both products match in appearance. Customers can order both the DT12 and the DT12-2X2ADP to create an entire 2x2 speaker package.

Platinum Tools Recon Test Set

Platinum Tools’ upgraded Recon Test Set (p/n T62) now includes a protection boot and a direct RJ11/12 no-fault (6x6) connector, allowing for telephone line testing without a modular adapter (banjo). The T62 Recon Test Set comes with a slate of features not found on any other butt set in the world. The large backlit display shows information clearly, and with a glow in the dark keypad, the unit can be used in low light environments. It is 100 percent weather and rainproof for outside use anytime.

Crestron CSA-PWS10S-HUB

Crestron CSA-PWS10S-HUB

Crestron’s CSA-PWS10S-HUB intelligent power supply can power up to ten Crestron shade motors of any kind, each with its own replaceable fuse. The built-in integrated five-segment Cresnet hub provides an isolated control network for each pair of shades, therefore limiting the impact of any wiring faults. The CSA-PWS10S-HUB replaces all current Crestron multi-shade power supplies and is a companion to Crestron QMT (Quiet Motor Technology) shade motors. The handy master raise/lower pushbuttons on the supply housing make it simple to test for proper shade operation prior to system commissioning, without the need for a connected control system or computer. The power supply ships ready to mount on the wall. It’s also available in a pre-assembled, UL listed bundle with a 1x1 CAEN enclosure (CSAPWS10S-HUB-CAEN -1X1) that can be surface or recess mounted.

Simply Reliable SmartOffice Online

Simply Reliable has released the first wave of Google integration for its SmartOffice Online, a cloud-based end-to-end business process application. Features include proposal generation, purchase orders, invoices, work orders, and, now, integration with Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Audinate Dante Controller 3.5

Audinate’s Dante Controller version 3.5 is an updated release of the free networking management configuration and monitoring application. Several powerful new features have been added, providing advanced real-time network monitoring functionality, including multicast bandwidth usage, clock health monitoring, and latency management statistical information. These enhancements enable you to quickly identify and fix potential issues on the network, while preserving Dante Controller’s ease-of-use. Dante has become the de-facto standard and dominant networking technology in the professional audio industry. Built on existing networking protocols and standards, Audinate’s Dante is a plug-and-play networking solution which delivers ultra-low latency and tightly synchronized media, while simplifying installation and configuration of digital media networks.

PureLink HDBaseT Extenders for HDMI

PureLink HDBaseT Extenders for HDMI.PureLink’s two new models of HDMI extension kits present an accessible solution for the ever-burgeoning consumer market for home-entertainment and videoconferencing systems. The HCE II and HTE combine PureLink’s performance and quality with affordability in a compact, easy-to-install extension system. PureLink’s HCE II and HTE transmitter and receiver sets extend HDMI video and embedded audio via HDBaseT technology to long distances using a CAT-x cable. The HCE II supports full 3D content and extends uncompressed, HDCP -protected HDMI content and embedded lossless audio formats with bi-directional control signals (IR ) up to 230ft (70m) at 1080p and up to 130ft (40 meters) at 4K resolutions. The HTE provides long-distance extension of 4K content up to 330ft (100 meters), as well as IR and RS-232 bi-directional control, while maintaining EDID and HDCP communication between a source and display device. Along with the compact and low-profile enclosures of both models, the HTE and HCE II provide a reliable, cost-effective signal extension system that is simple to integrate into limited-space environments. The receiver mounts discreetly behind a flat panel display or wherever necessary. In addition, the HTE features Power over Ethernet (POE).

Leviton OmniTouch 7

Leviton has announced a free firmware update for the OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen, adding three new interface offerings for Spanish, French, and Italian languages. The latest capacitive touch, glass front touchscreen from Leviton features a 7-inch high-resolution screen for controlling security, energy and entertainment settings. All touchscreens shipped from Leviton now include a language selection button in the setup screen, allowing users to simply select the preferred language from the drop down menu then enter the controller data and encryption keys. Updates to download the latest firmware and update the OmniTouch 7 language settings are available for existing touchscreens in the field through Leviton’s PC Access software. Featuring large, recognizable icons, the OmniTouch 7 allows users to arm or disarm their Leviton security system, alert emergency personnel, lock or unlock doors, and view surveillance video footage. Additionally, the device features slider bars that adjust individual light levels from zero to 100 percent, control up to 64 thermostats to manage humidity settings and additional systems, like irrigation, ventilation, and monitoring or adjusting window coverings.

Lutron Xicato

Lutron Electronics has expanded its Ivalo collection’s Finir fixture family to include Xicato LED modules. Fixtures come standard with the Lutron Hi-lume A-series 1 percent dimming driver, solving the ongoing compatibility issue between LED modules and their controls. Several Finir LED fixtures are available, including round or square downlight, wall wash, and adjustable fixture options with trimmed or trim-less assemblies, as well as several architectural options, including pinhole, stainless, and oiled rubbed bronze finishes. All fixtures in the Lutron Ivalo Collection provide smooth, flicker-free performance from 100 percent to 1 percent, utilizing Lutron Hi-lume A-series drivers, which come standard with the fixture.

TRU-Vu MM-8.4S

TRU-Vu Monitors’ medical-grade 8.4-inch LCD monitor complies with UL 60601-1, enabling it to be used in surgical operating rooms, and in close proximity to patients. The MM -8.4S medical display features VGA , S-Video and composite (BNC ) video inputs; 800x600 resolution; a 4:3 aspect ratio screen; 450 nits brightness, and more in a rugged, white, powder-coated steel enclosure. It is designed to operate 24/7, and is backed by a full three-year warranty. The MM -8.4S is for use in a range of medical applications, including operating rooms, diagnostic systems, patient monitoring, mobile carts, endoscopy, and remote monitoring.

Mersive Solstice Open Control Protocol

Mersive’s Solstice open control communication protocol enables integration between Solstice display software with in-room AV control panels from vendors like Crestron and AM X. With this integration interface, users can control their Solstice displays from their room control panel. Mersive’s Solstice software enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using a range of mobile devices and applications over an existing Wi-Fi or ethernet network. With Solstice, anyone can walk into a meeting room and instantly connect and start a collaboration session. As a software-only solution, Solstice offers a great deal of flexibility and scalability. It can work with any type of display, including a single projector, flat panel, or a large video wall. It can run in parallel with soft-client video conferencing solutions, such as Vidyo, WebEx, Lync, GoToMeeting, etc. It also comes with an IT dashboard that centrally manages all displays throughout the enterprise, and now the addition of the Solstice open control protocol makes it easy to integrate with room control systems.

TC Electronic’s UpCon

TC Electronic’s UpCon.

TC Electronic’s UpCon is a combined upconversion and downmix processor in a single, high-density rack unit. UpCon continuously monitors the channel format of the incoming audio, and if the signal falls back from true 5.1 to stereo, UpCon seamlessly cross-fades into a convincing 5.1 surround upconversion without adding any interruptions or artifacts. TC ’s UnWrap HD algorithm is the go to upconverter for film and mastering professionals. UpCon is based on UnWrap HD and shares its ultra low latency, as well as its overkill processing resolution. Contrary to many competing products, the upconverted audio is loudness transparent. Many format converters will output a significantly different signal in terms of perceived loudness compared to the source, but this is not the case with UpCon. Broadcasters often need to stay within certain boundaries according to regulation or recommendation and by letting UpCon handle the conversion from stereo to 5.1, it is possible to stay compliant regardless of the signal’s channel format.

WolfVision VZ-9.4F, VZ-9.4L

WolfVision’s VZ -9 Visualizer SeriesWolfVision’s VZ -9 Visualizer Series features interactive multimedia devices allowing users to display and share visual information in presentations, videoconferences, and collaborative classrooms. With an unrivalled feature set, HD recording capabilities, and full compatibility with WolfVision’s vConnect app, these Visualizers are certain to change the way digital information is shared and delivered. With these new models, presenters can display a live feed from the Visualizer camera and microphone, as well as external content from a PC , tablet, or smartphone. Digital images, PowerPoint slides, PD Fs, webpages, etc. can all be implemented and recorded with voice-over audio. The all-in-one multimedia presentation solution is appropriate for flipped classrooms, board meetings, and other blended environments, where the ability to capture and distribute high quality multimedia information is essential. These sessions can also be streamed to computers and smart devices on an internal network or over the interne

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