New Products November 2007

New Products November 2007
  • Extron Electronics' FOX HD-SDI is a fiber optic extender that enables long haul transmission of multi-rate SDI video, with embedded audio and metadata, over a single fiber. It uses Extron's zero compression, all digital technology to transmit multi-rate SDI signals at rates up to 2.97 Gbps, including SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI. The FOX HD-SDI can function as a transmitter and a receiver in various user-configurable modes, and is suited for use in digital signage, broadcast and production, rental and staging, and medical applications.

Designed as the successor to the longstanding SB218 subwoofer, L-Acoustics' SB28 enclosure brings even more powerful low-frequency impact and improved bass articulation to tours, installations, and corporate productions utilizing KUDO, V-DOSC, dV-DOSC, and ARCS systems. Control and amplification of the SB28 is managed by L-Acoustics' LA8 amplified controller platform. The LA8's DSP filtering encompasses advanced crossover functions, system EQ, and L-DRIVE thermal and over-excursion protection of the transducers.

APC C3 Power Filter

American Power Conversion's C2 power filter provides valuable surge protection and isolated noise filtering to hang-on-the-wall displays, and is designed to fit in the shallow wall spaces in which flat displays are typically mounted. The C2 power filter features two surge-protected outlets, LED status indicators, and a slim profile less than two inches deep, allowing consumers to install the device directly behind wall-mounted televisions. The C2 power filter protects valuable home theater equipment from damaging surges and spikes caused by such power anomalies as lightning.

Magenta Research MultiView -SAP Series

Magenta Research's MultiView -SAP Series of Cat-X transmitters and receivers are designed for distribution of high-resolution RGBHV plus stereo audio, while concurrently providing selective source-to-screen communication over a single unshielded twisted pair cable, and from a single RS-232 comm port. The MultiView -SAP Series includes the MultiView UTx-SAP universal transmitter and AK500DP-SAP, AK1000DP-SAP and AK1500DP-SAP Receivers. The display-addressable RS-232 feature will also be an option on Magenta's MultiView XR-2000 receiver, a new model specified to deliver UXGA at 2,000 feet with 64ns of skew compensation if needed.

ATON DLA Speaker Selectors

ATON's Dynamic Level Adjustment (DLA) series of speaker selectors offers both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) control in a speaker selector. The two-, four-, and six-room DLA speaker selectors offer multiple-room volume adjustment with the ability to preset a sound scene in addition to power source monitoring for maximum power to all speakers. The RF control option allows for time-saving installations, and ATON's in-room IR receivers or touchpads provide multiple controls for the DLA selectors as well as all other connected audio sources, such as CD players and radio tuners.

Soundcraft Vi6 And Vi4 Digital Live Sound Consoles

Soundcraft has released a significant update to the operating software for the Soundcraft Vi6 and Vi4 Digital Live Sound Consoles, adding new facilities and further security in the event of power failure. The new release takes on board feedback from the already extensive user base, and forms a platform for further enhancements planned for early next year, such as support for dual stageboxes, snapshot filtering, and offline editing.

Crestron TPS-6L 5.7-Inch Touchpanel

The TPS-6L wall-mount touchpanel delivers high-end style and performance in a compact flush mount design. Featuring a bright, high-contrast 5.7-inch color touchscreen with 16-bit Isys graphics, 640 x 480 resolution, video window display, the TPS-6L delivers a world of control capability yet leaves a very small footprint. High-speed ethernet communication provides easy network integration and seamless communications with Crestron home automation solutions. Crestron touchpanels offer an ideal user-interface for controlling audio, video, lighting, and HVAC.

beyerdynamic KE 900 Camera Receiver

beyerdynamic's KE 900 camera receiver is made to withstand the extreme conditions of ENG applications. The KE 900 features a bandwidth of 24 MHz and is compatible with transmitters from the company's Opus 900 wireless system. Utilizing the KE 900's automatic channel targeting, users are able to easily select one interference-free frequency from 100 pre-programmed UHF frequencies, to be transmitted via infrared to a corresponding pocket or handheld transmitter. The receiver can be operated intuitively via a new user interface.

Gefen Wireless USB Extender

No cables are required to transmit USB 2.0 signals up to 100 feet in distance with the new wireless USB extender from Gefen. This sender/receiver system delivers cable-free USB connectivity and is designed to offer a useful, plug and play method of removing USB devices from the computer station. It is effective in extending typical computer peripherals such as keyboard/mouse and printer with full operational functionality using a radio transmission based on 802.11a, b, g, n, and Extreme USB technologies.

Califone PI30 and PI30-PS Array Loudspeakers

Califone has upgraded the powered PI30 and PI30-PS array loudspeakers to include two new outputs--a fixed output that will allow multiple loudspeakers to daisy-chain together and a variable output that will enable one unit to control the output of any of the other loudspeakers linked to it. Specifically, Califone array loudspeakers take advantage of line array and column design principles to attain tight pattern control of the mid and high frequencies critical to intelligibility, making them ideal for a wide range of commercial applications.

Polycom HDX 4000 Series

Polycom's HDX 4000 series are the only executive desktop video conferencing systems to offer a complete UltimateHD experience including HD voice, HD video and HD content-sharing capabilities. The solutions will work seamlessly with Polycom conference room and telepresence video systems and offer the highest levels of quality and performance in a desktop solution to support any video collaboration application, including those that require the optimal HD video, voice, and content clarity for natural communication and collaboration across distances.

Christie LX1500 Projector

Christie's wide range of projection display technology now merges XGA LCDs with a quad-lamp optical illumination system into a powerful 3LCD light engine. Christie's LX1500 incorporates inorganic LCD panels that are longer lasting and deliver an 2000:1 contrast ratio. Coupled with improved 10-bit image processing for smoother artifact-free images, the Christie LX1500 reproduces crisp on-screen images. Developed from the Christie LX120 platform, the Christie LX1500 makes high-brightness an option for large conference rooms, medium-sized auditoriums, churches, and staging applications.

Symetrix Integrator Series Paging System

Symetrix is shipping version 2.0 of the Integrator Series Zone Mix 760 paging and music management system. New features include full support for the analog control inputs each of which can accept up to two switches/control voltages or one potentiometer. And as the 760 is used in heavily trafficked, public areas, Symetrix has added an emergency system integration feature that accepts a logic input from an emergency system to mute all outputs, or route input 3 to specified outputs at specified volumes in case of any emergency.

Cineversum BlackWing

The Cineversum BlackWing Two, three-chip D-ILA system features three full HD panels, at a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Each color channel is individually rendered to obtain vivid colors without any rainbow effect. The amazing native ratio contrast of 20,000:1 of these 0.7-inch panels associated with wire grid technology can reproduced without artifice the richest and deepest black level, and unsurpassed 15,000:1 contrast ratio. The built-in video processor is enhanced by visual excellence processing by Gennum and supports any standard video formats from 480i up to 1080p with full processing to obtain a pure and cinema like picture.

Extreme CCTV Infrared Imagers

Extreme CCTV has introduced its new line of Infrared Imagers, a suite of cameras powered by Black Diamond Night Vision, designed and calibrated to provide high-performance 24/7 surveillance. Security professionals can confidently and accurately specify critical CCTV projects using the performance parameters of every Infrared Imager, which Extreme provides for each of the four surveillance levels of the DCRI criteria, detection, classification, recognition, and identification. The new Infrared Imager combine high-performance optics and Black Diamond High-Fidelity illumination to enable the most advanced level of night vision imaging available today.

Nexus Electronics Televisions

Nexus Electronics latest television line is comprised of 11 models, ranging from 19 inches to 63 inches. The newest sets are 19 inches, 26 inches, 32 inches, and 42 inches. The full line offers ATSC support enabled by built in HD tuners that accommodate the latest HD content. Each model provides HDMI, doubling the ability to handle uncompressed audio/video streams while providing support for devices such as the very latest video game consoles, DVD players, and other digital audio/video equipment. All LCD models include removable speakers to achieve surround sound configurations.

Furman IT-20 II

Furman's IT-20 II balanced isolation transformer is designed to remove ground hum and interference. Designed for the most ultra-low-noise applications, the IT-20 II provides 20 amps of pure, isolated, balanced power. The center-tapped isolation transformer provides complete and total isolation from the power grid, resulting in systems free of the hum and buzz caused by AC ground loops.

RTS KP-32CLD Color Display

The KP-32CLD color display keypanel by RTS Digital Matrix Intercom sports advanced features that take flexibility and ease-of-use to the next level. The KP-32CLD features a customizable graphic user-interface that spans two integrated 4.9-inch, full-color LCD displays. The KP-32CLD's advanced functionality is wrapped in a sleek, ergonomic design with a flat front panel that fits flush within a rack-mount configuration. Its dual, full-color LCD screens display an all-new advanced graphic interface.


Hall Research Technologies (HRT) with its expertise in Cat-5 extension has entered the Balun market with the UBL-CPA, a product created for security and surveillance camera extension. This product is used to extend the video and optional audio from a camera to a DVR over 2,500 feet on Cat-5/5e/6 UTP Cable. It also carries the power from the DVR location to the Camera. In a typical installation, the UBL-CPA unit is located at the DVR with the cameras power supply plugged into the unit. At the camera location a second UBL-CPA is used to connect to the cameras video output.

Neutrik XX-HE Series

Neutrik's XX-HE Series is an exclusive version of its standard XX Series featuring valuable velour chromium plating and extra high temperature resistant insulator material. Available in male and female configurations, the three-pole connectors include velour chromium housing and machined gold contacts. Improved chuck type strain relief provides higher pull-out force and makes assembly faster. Offering a sleek and ergonomic design, the boot features a polyurethane gland, which gives high protection to cable bending stresses.

Hitachi 3LCD Projectors

Hitachi America's CP-X205 and CP-X305 3LCD projectors share identical chassis to their respective predecessors, the CP-X200 and CP-X300, with the added benefit of networking connectivity through an RJ-45 port. The CP-X205 3LCD projector offers a brightness of 2,200 ANSI lumens and a lightweight of 8.8 pounds. The CP-X305 features a brightness of 2,600 ANSI lumens at a weight of 8.8 pounds. Both models offers advanced networking connectivity through an RJ-45 port, allowing for control and management of multiple projectors from a remote location.

Tripp Lite SWIVEL6 and HTSWIVEL6

Tripp Lite has introduced a new twist to its surge suppressor line with the addition of two new innovative products: the SWIVEL6 and HTSWIVEL6. The SWIVEL6 and HTSWIVEL6 feature six rotatable outlets that swivel for more flexibility, making it easier to connect and organize electronic equipment. Additionally, the HTSWIVEL6 offers coaxial and telephone/modem surge suppression to protect audio/video components from damaging surges and line noise.

Honeywell HDMI Cables

Honeywell's HDMI cables eliminate the artifacts caused by HDMI communication problems by automatically cleaning bad data to its intended dynamic range. Using CURxE Light Technology, the cables correct corrupted HDCP and EDID data that degrade HD picture and multi-channel audio performance. Four LEDs are integrated in the connectors to serve as self-diagnostic monitoring indicators. The four LEDs verify hot plug detection, +5 volts status, HDCP and EDID. Using the LEDs an installer can determine things like whether the problem is upstream or downstream, requires a firmware upgrade, or perhaps if the TV is simply set to the wrong input.

Fiberoptic Studio Corp iSky Panel Systems

Fiberoptic Studio Corp, the creators of iSky panel systems, have announced a bevy of new introductions to augment their innovative line of star-field acoustical panel products. The CoolWhite is a welcome new member to the existing color line up of Blue, Red, and Amber. CoolWhite is perfect for anyone who cares about getting the most from their projector and screen investment. iSky's SerenityWall panels come with a novel new twist. Whether it's a standard size panel, or one fabricated to your specifications, an installer can now add the desired backlighting option that has made iSky Star ceiling panels so popular.

JBL Powered Portable Line

JBL's VRX932LAP and VRX918SP powered portable line arrays are both powered via built-in JBL DrivePack DPC-2 amplifier modules designed in cooperation with Crown. Both models feature onboard digital signal processing for system optimization and equalization. The VRX932LAP is a 12-inch, two-way powered line array loudspeaker featuring an onboard DPC-2 amplifier module that provides 1750 watts of peak power. With three 2408J Annular Ring Diaphragm HF drivers, the VRX932LAP is the first product to feature JBL Professional's 2408 compression driver design.

Allen & Heath USB Mixers

Allen & Heath has added three new models to the new range of small format, USB-equipped mixers designed for live performance, recording, and production. Following the launch of the ZED-14, Allen & Heath has announced the ZED-420, ZED-428, and ZED-436 mixers. Similar to the smaller ZED-14, the four bus series features the same high performance DuoPre padless preamp, which is a quality microphone circuit and an optimised line input circuit, rather than one pre-amp handling both mic and line signals.

Littlite LA-18-HI

Littlite introduced a new lighting product designed for flush mounting applications. The LA-18-HI features an 18-inch gooseneck light and dimmer pre-mounted and wired on a flat mounting plate. The five-watt, halogen lamp provides a bright light that can be dimmed to the users preference. The gooseneck light also includes a locking hood to prevent the hood or bulb from being removed accidentally. The gooseneck light can be removed from the mounting plate when not in use.

Auralex pArtScience SpaceArray

Auralex Acoustics' pArtScience SpaceArray and SpaceCoupler have recently passed the requirements of a Class B fire-rating. Auralex's SpaceArray and SpaceCoupler have successfully passed testing in accordance with ASTM E84, a standard test for surface burning characteristics of building materials. The test calculates both 'smoke develop' and 'flame spread'. Additionally, the SpaceArray has recently passed acoustical testing in accordance with ISO 17497-1, a standard test method for sound scattering and sound scattering coefficients. The SpaceCoupler is still undergoing final acoustical testing.

Mitsubishi Digital HL650U Projector

Mitsubishi Digital's HL650U is the newest SXGA+ resolution high-brightness LCD projector designed for applications requiring high, accurate details and vivid colors such as CAD/CAM, geographical and tactical mapping, medical imaging and virtual simulation. The HL650U blasts 3100 ANSI lumens for a bright, clear image even in high-ambient light settings such as large classrooms or meeting rooms with windows. Easy set-up features include digital vertical and horizontal keystone correction and an option that allows users to match selected background wall colors including beige, blue, green, pink, and blackboard.

NEC Residential Displays

NEC Display Solutions has introduced a full portfolio of large-screen residential displays for every need and every feed of the house, the MultiSync Residential, PlasmaSync Residential and AccuSync Multimedia Series. Unlike consumer-grade LCD TVs, the MultiSync Residential Series features a proprietary ASIC chip set for superb video quality and crisp, clear graphics. The 40-inch MultiSync SC40 and 46-inch MultiSync SC46 include connectivity features, as well as the ability to be configured with an ATSC HD tuner.

Niles Wall Mount Cat-5 Balun

Niles Audio has introduced nine new wall mount Cat-5 Balun models are designed to complement a component counterpart in the popular Niles balun lineup. Niles baluns convert a wide range of signals to balanced circuit topology enabling conventional audio/video signals to be transmitted over long runs of low-cost Cat-5 cabling. Normally used in pairs, each balun in the series is designed with a specific signal application in mind, i.e., analog audio, digital audio, composite video, S-video, cable TV, component video, and VGA signal distribution.

Artcoustic Diablo Sub Panel

Artcoustic has launched their unique Diablo Sub Panel; a complement to the company's innovative Diablo loudspeakers as well as the entire Artcoustic range. Featuring a design-first form factor, the Diablo Sub Panel can be used as a freestanding, hidden or wall-mounted subwoofer. Measuring only 5.75 inches high and 20 inches wide and deep, the slim-line design of the Diablo Sub Panel can be easily sited in a variety of locations around the listening room for maximum flexibility.

Chief PACPC1 Power Conditioner

Chief Manufacturing now offers a power conditioner designed to integrate with a Chief mount, protecting flat panel displays from spikes in electrical current. Chief's PACPC1 Power Conditioner is designed to fit with Chief's flat panel wall mounts, extension columns and in-wall accessories to ensure a fast installation. The PACPC1 provides surge protection up to 1890 joules, overvoltage protection shutoff and noise filtering. The accessory includes two outlets and a two-foot power cord.

Peerless PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount

Peerless' PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount is simplifying the way image alignment is done. The precision gear design allows exact tilt and roll image positioning by simply turning two adjustment knobs with a Phillips screwdriver, or use the tool-less option by extending the knobs to adjust by hand. Easily adjust the precision gear to the desired position to set it in place, it will hold its position even during projector maintenance. When required, the precision gears can be locked in place to prevent unauthorized image alignment.

Renkus-Heinz VERSYS VL3

Renkus-Heinz's VERSYS VL3 includes in-cabinet Class D amplification utilizing a RHAON empowered PM3R tri-amplifier, full digital dynamics, with networked audio over CobraNet as well as loudspeaker monitoring and remote control, all delivered over a single Cat-5 cable to each loudspeaker. The essential attributes of this third-generation line array are a high output three-way amplifier despite an all-up cabinet weight of around 200 pounds, high versatility, the ability to be flown in multiple configurations up to 20 boxes a side, and the inclusion of Renkus-Heinz's dedicated VERSYS AimWare software for accurate venue array configuration and angling.

Audix Micros Series

The newest members of the Audix Micros Series are the M1250 and M1280, both of which feature newly designed circuitry with immunity from RF interference caused by cell phones and GSM devices. The M1250 is 50mm in length, 12mm in diameter and 17 grams with a frequency response of 80 Hz to 20 kHz, while the M1280 is 90mm in length, 12mm in diameter, and 28 grams with a frequency response 40 Hz to 20 kHz providing extended bass response.

Pragmatic PADS System

Pragmatic Communication Systems recently announced a new improvement for the original PADS system: the PH-16, a 16 output hub for audio distribution over Cat-5 cables. The PH-16 receives line level stereo audio on a Cat-5 cable from any of the Pragmatic PADS PT or PTI transmitters. The PH-16 hub then distributes the line level stereo audio to the rooms while simultaneously sending power for the amplifiers on the same Cat-5 cable. The PH-16 feeds up to 16 rooms and can be expanded infinitely with the loop output.

Triveni Digital StreamScope RM-40 HBE

Triveni Digital released of the RM-40 HBE, the latest addition to the company's StreamScope family of stream-quality monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting systems. With the ability to perform complex MPEG monitoring at 1 Gb/s, the RM-40 HBE extends the comprehensive monitoring capabilities of the StreamScope RM-40 to include the entire Gigabit Ethernet stream. Like the StreamScope RM-40, the RM-40 HBE offers remote monitoring, measurement, recording, and analysis of DTV streams in real time to ensure their integrity, reliability, and compliance with standards.

Provider Series PSL6 Microphone

Provider Series has introduced the new PSL6 series of lavalier and theater style microphones. The PSL6 lavalier microphone is ideal for speech and theater applications. The small size and lightweight are ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility and comfort like video, television, pastors, stage productions, presenters, and speakers. The mini microphone is practically invisible, while still producing quality sound.

Sennheiser EM 3732 Receiver

Sennheiser has introduced the EM 3732 twin receiver. The EM 3732 offers automatic scanning functionality, choice of five frequency ranges, transmitter synchronization via infrared interface, flexible analogue and digital connection options and exemplary audio quality. An integrated antenna splitter allows up to eight EM 3732 twin receivers to easily be daisy-chained. The EM 3732 is for large multi-channel applications, not just because of its wide switching bandwidth and tunable channels, but also because of its infrared interface, which very quickly and easily programs SKM 5200, SK 5212, and SKP 3000 transmitters with the receiver data via a hot key.

AMX EpicaDG Switcher Line

AMX has expanded its AutoPatch fiber optic switcher line, the Epica Digital Generation (EpicaDG), with the release of local RGBHV/HD 15 input and output boards. The EpicaDG platform now provides video format conversion between the new RGBHV/HD 15 boards and the existing DVI boards and MTP fiber boards, which reduces equipment cost and rack space. With these new boards, the EpicaDG can also integrate routing, conversion and fiber transmission of RGBHV and DVI signals. The EpicaDG fiber optic matrix switcher line provides a solution for installations needing to route any combination of DVI and RGBHV high-resolution video signals to any number of display devices.

Teq AV/IT Wireless Presentation Gateway WID110

Teq AV/IT's Wireless Presentation Gateway WID110 is a wireless receiver for high-resolution computer video at native resolution and true colors at full refresh rate. With its built-in internet gateway it might be the only device in the room besides a display and mount that one would need. The new Wireless Presentation Gateway has been developed after taking customer feedback and incorporating their requests. New Wireless presentation gateway WID110 is a solution for customers who are looking for an economical display including projector or plasma or LCD.

Wireworks AESX

Wireworks' AESX digital interconnect cable assemblies are manufactured with next generation, Neutrik XX Series XLR connectors offering improved signal integrity and mechanical enhancements. The AESX Series includes both single pair and eight pair 110 ohm AES/EBU digital cable assemblies. The single pair cords provide two digital signal paths and are available in 10 to 100 ft lengths, while the eight pair multicables allow for 16 digital signal paths configured with XLR fanouts on each end. Two application specific models are available; studio select featuring 26 gauge conductors for added flexibility in 10- to 50-foot lengths and Road-Tough assemblies featuring extra low loss 24 gauge conductors and super durable cable jacket in lengths from 10 to 250 feet.

Digigram Vi Series' Stagebox

Following the development of the Studer EtherSound interface card, Soundcraft and EtherSound network developer Digigram have announced a similar interface card for the Soundcraft Vi4 and Soundcraft Vi6 digital live sound consoles. Designed with versions to fit into either the Vi Series' Local Rack or Stagebox, the card will allow up to 128 channels of audio to be connected to the rack via a single Cat-5 connection. A second Cat-5 connection allows daisychain or redundant ring topologies, the latter allowing for the network to remain uninterrupted should a cable be broken.

Tributaries HDMI Switchers

Tributaries has applied its expertise to a pair of new, affordable, and compact remote-controlled HDMI switchers. The HX410 and HX410A boast performance that separate them from the crowded field of HDMI accessories. The Tributaries HX410 and HX410A can each select from among four HDMI sources-DVD players, Blu-ray disc or HD DVD high-definition disc players, and cable, satellite, or broadcast hi-def set-top/boxes or tuners-and output signals to a single HDMI output.

Williams Sound PPA R1600 FM Remote Speaker

Williams Sound's PPA R1600 FM Remote Speaker features 16 user selectable FM channels on 72-76 MHz. When used with the Williams Sound T35 transmitter, the R1600 will pick up a broadcast up to 1000 feet. The unit can be set on a flat surface, mic stand, or installed on a wall or ceiling with the provided brackets. Additional audio inputs include a 1/4-inch mic jack and line level RCA jack. Line level out jack can drive additional speakers to accommodate a larger listening area. An additional Williams Sound receiver sled can be installed on the R1600 for stereo or two channel applications. The R1600 speaker includes a factory warranty, and meets the ADA requirements for hearing assistance. The system meets RoHS lead-free compliance guidelines.

Hitachi StarBoard FX Duo

Hitachi Software's StarBoard FX Duo interactive whiteboard series allows control using multi-touch hand gestures, as well as use of the presenter's finger, an electronic pen or any other object. Further demonstrating its interactive capability, the FX Duo can be operated by two users at the same time, allowing students to work together in the classroom or co-presenters to give even more dynamic presentations. The 77-inch StarBoard FX 77 Duo interactive whiteboard uses a camera image sensor system with all electronics contained in a replaceable component.

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