New Products From NAMM 2011

New Products From NAMM 2011
  • Electro-Voice's Live X Series

The new Live X series of portable powered and passive loudspeakers comprises three powered and four passive models with the latest Electro-Voice-engineered components -- lightweight, durable plywood cabinets; best-in-class SPL output, power-handling, and frequency response; and clean, stackable designs – all at a price point previously unheard-of for loudspeakers of a similar pedigree. Three versatile powered Live X cabinets are available: two full-range loudspeakers and a matching subwoofer. Each self-contained powered system features Electro-Voice-engineered components optimized for use with the integrated high-efficiency 1000-W and 700-W Class-D amplifiers. Both full-range systems may be pole-mounted or stacked with the series’ acoustically-matched powered subwoofer. The Live X family also features four passive configurations, including a formidable dual-15-inch system. These systems may be used with a wide range of amplifiers, due to their exceptionally efficient design and power handling capabilities.

Shure’s Axient Wireless System

Shure Incorporated’s new Axient wireless microphone system can automatically change frequencies, undetected by the user, to avoid interference. The Axient system employs several new innovative technologies that work together to deliver interference-free audio in the most critical live broadcast, theater, music, and corporate events. The Axient system features: interference detection and avoidance, which detects RF interference and enables the system to move to a clear and compatible frequency in milliseconds, making even major interference undetectable; frequency diversity, which transmits full-bandwidth audio on two separate frequencies to ensure seamless, uninterrupted audio for mission-critical channels, even in the face of direct RF interference; ShowLink remote control, which enables the user to make real-time remote adjustments from the receiver or a laptop, of transmitter settings like audio gain while the microphone is live; and much more. The Axient Wireless microphone system will be available in mid-2011 with pricing TBD.
JBL Professional’s EON515XT Loudspeaker

As the flagship of the JBL powered portable speaker collection, the JBL Professional EON515XT was engineered for durability, high performance, and ease of use. JBL has extended the reach of the current EON technology by improving input sensitivity, lowering the noise floor, adding user selectable EQ control and re-voicing the system for peak performance and enhanced audio precision. The 2-way EON515XT incorporates a JBL 2414H high-frequency neodymium compression driver and a 15-inch JBL 265F-1 Differential Drive dual-voice-coil woofer perfectly matched to a proprietary Crown Class D amplifier. The system has been re-voiced from previous models for better clarity and frequency balance and now delivers a stout 132dB maximum SPL.
Lectrosonics’ Quadra Digital Wireless Monitor

Consisting of the M4R belt-pack diversity receiver and the M4T half-rack transmitter, the new Lectrosonics Quadra system features digital RF modulation, two or four channels of 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio, analog or digital inputs, and a unique mixing interface for users. The Quadra system operates in the license-free ISM (industrial, scientific, and medical) band between 902-928 MHz and has a throughput latency of 1 ms for the analog inputs and <0.5 ms for the digital inputs. The M4R diversity belt-pack receiver features a user-friendly interface with a high-resolution, backlit LCD and membrane switches. The M4T half-rack transmitter features transmission power of 200 mW for extended operating range.

Roland Systems Group's VR-5

The VR-5 is a fully integrated audio mixer, video switcher with built-in recorder/player for live production and web streaming. The VR-5’s “all-in-one” solution greatly simplifies production, recording and streaming of live events. As a USB Video/Audio class device, web streaming is effortless by simply connecting to a computer running a live streaming service
such as USTREAM and Stickam, as well as any video call service such as Skype and iChat. The reduction in hardware equipment, setup time and connection complexity ensures a worry-free, easy to use solution for any event.

Peavey MediaMatrix's NION nE

Peavey's NION nE DSP platform was designed for cost efficiency in mid-market applications. The NION nE brings a configurable DSP core and MediaMatrix nWare control software to a broader array of designers and contractors. The NION nE will support up to 32 channels of analog audio and up to 64 channels of AES digital audio via four Nio card slots in the NION nE frame. It uses the same Nio cards as a standard NION frame, so users get the same selection and variety of input and output options, including the new Nio-AEC echo cancellation card. The NION nE also accepts CobraNet or Dante digital audio transport network cards, which are optional.

Crown Audio’s iPad Control Application

Crown Audio’s “Powered By Crown” iPad/iPhone App is designed to provide users with enhanced control and configuration of its amplifiers. The new application can be deployed to control and monitor amplifiers by setting the basic control panels on an amplifier or handle a complete setup through Harman HiQnet System Architect. The new application benefits both touring professionals and integrators as it can be used to control numerous lines of Crown amplifiers including I-Tech, I-Tech HD, CTs, and Macro Tech I Series amplifiers. Users can instantly connect by plugging their amplifiers into a wireless router.
K-array’s KR400S Portable Loudspeakers

Sennheiser announced the U.S. arrival of distributed brand K-array’s latest portable, high performance loudspeaker: the KR400S. The KR400S is an ultra-slim, two-way loudspeaker designed for small to medium wavefront systems in both mobile and installed applications. It includes two KR400 satellites and two KL21ma powered subwoofers. The KL21ma subwoofers feature a 2,500 watt, 21-inch drive unit with neodymium magnet structure and suspension, which is engineered for maximum line excursions. Its ultra-light reflex cabinet is fitted with four pocket handles and one 35 mm pole mounting point for easy installation of satellite speakers.
Audio-Technica’s ATW-CHG2 Two-Bay Recharging Station

Audio-Technica offers the ATW-CHG2 Two-Bay Recharging Station for its new 2000 Series wireless transmitters. This unit charges ATW-T220a handheld transmitters and/or ATW-T210a UniPak transmitters (in any combination). Batteries are charged within the transmitters. The ATW-CHG2 has many protective features to preserve the integrity of the transmitters. A built-in safety feature monitors cell voltage and automatically turns off the unit if problems are detected. The unit will also automatically shut off if damaged or alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries are installed. Maintenance charging prevents battery self-discharge until the transmitter is removed from the charger. Two AA 2000 mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are included.

Peavey Architectural Acoustics’ Digitool Multiprocessors

Architectural Acoustics by Peavey debuts three new models of the venerable Peavey Architectural Acoustics Digitool multiprocessor series. The Digitool is now available in the following models: the MX16, featuring eight inputs and eight outputs; the MX32, featuring 16 inputs and 16 outputs; and the LIVE, featuring eight balanced XLR inputs and outputs for live-sound FOH applications. These all-new Digitool processors feature an updated, more powerful DSP engine, full-color LCD screen, enhanced front-panel navigation, individual input and output mutes, and five-segment LED arrays for input and output signal monitoring. In addition, there is a USB port on the front for programming and an ethernet port on the back for either programming or connecting to a network. On the back panel, there are eight control voltage ports and two RS-485 ports, allowing for much more external control than the original Digitool MX. All three models include a global, 100-240V power supply.
Aviom’s Pro16 Digital Snakes

Aviom is introducing prepackaged Pro16 digital snakes in a variety of configurations that are tailored for a range of applications and ensemble sizes. The new preconfigured digital snakes include the DS48, DS32, DS32m, and DS16. The DS48 is a 48x16 digital snake featuring three AN-16/i-M mic input modules for stage inputs, one AN-16/i input module for returns, and four AN-16/o v.4 output modules, along with the AN-16SBR System Bridge. For those users who require fewer channels, the DS32 provides a 32x16 digital snake. The DS32m is a 32x16 digital snake with an integrated Aviom Personal Mixing System that includes four A-16II Personal Mixers and an A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor. Finally, the DS16 is a simple 16x16 digital snake that is a great starter system or addition to an existing setup.
HK Audio’s Elements Line

Now available for the first time in the U.S., HK Audio offers its Elements modular sound reinforcement, which merges the benefits of modern line array technology with the portability and easy handling of ultra-compact P.A. systems. The system can be configured to support anything from an intimate speaking engagement to a multi-instrumental concert with a full 3600 Watts of Front of House power. Setting up the Elements system and tearing it down again is quick and easy. With E-Connect, HK’s proprietary integrated signal routing system, even the largest Elements setup is performance-ready in just a few minutes with a minimum of cabling.

Neutrik’s Multimedia Connector Series
Neutrik USA is introducing a new line of Multimedia Data Connectors.
The new line includes several variations of data connectors for USB, FireWire, and HDMI ports. For USB connection, Neutrik offers a new 2.0 cable and two “gender changers.” The NKUSB* cable delivers a data rate of up to 480 MBit/s and is available in 1-, 3- or 5-meter lengths. The NAUSB-W is a reversible USB “gender changer” that comes in the universally accepted D-size housing. It is nickel-plated and accompanied by a version in black (NAUSB-W-B). All three units are dust and water-resistant and comply with the IP65 safety standard in combination with each other.

Mackie has announced an ultra-compact new addition to its bestselling Thump Series portable, powered loudspeakers—the Thump TH-12A. The TH-12A’s Class-D Fast Recovery amplification provides 400 watts of total system power, tuned to match the custom-designed 12-inch high-precision woofer and 1-inch compression driver. An integrated 3-band EQ on the back panel allows the user to dial in the TH-12A’s tone, for simple room correction or tonal adjust per application (vocal only, low-volume, etc.). Featuring Mackie Active electronics, the crossover and transducer time-alignment optimize the system while protective circuitry protects against overload and thermal shutdown.
Midas’ VeniceF Console

Midas has launched the VeniceF, a brand new ‘digi-log’ ultra-compact mixing console designed by Alex Cooper, complete with FireWire multi-channel digital audio interface, XL3 EQ and Propellerhead recording and processing trial software bundle. The VeniceF features the full functionality and sound quality of the Midas XL3 EQ and filter section, Midas mic preamps, 100mm faders, increased channel and input count, a dual 7x2 matrix and a reorganized master section layout. The VeniceF’s 32x32 FireWire capability adds 32 channels of multitrack recording and playback (VeniceF 320) using any suitable FireWire-equipped computer, without the need for additional costly interfaces. This also offers the possibility of virtual soundchecking, and allows third-party plug-ins to be run as channel inserts and third-party effects routed via aux sends and returns.
Powersoft’s M Series Power Amplifiers

Powersoft’s M Series consists of five new models that include two 4-channel and three 2-channel versions. M Series amplifiers come in a one-rack-unit chassis, 14.1-inch in depth and weighing just over 16 pounds. The M50Q and M28Q are 4-channel models, delivering up to 1250W/ch into 4 ohms. The M30D, M20D and M14D offer 2-channels each with a maximum output of 1500W/ch at 4 ohms. The entire range reaches down to 360W/ch into 8 ohms, resulting in greater flexibility for a wide range of applications. The M Series features Powersoft’s plug-in DSP module. When installed and preset to meet the needs of a particular installation, including settings for crossover frequency and curves, basic system EQ and protection functions, the parameters cannot be tampered with.
XTA’s DP548 Dynamic Audio Processor

The XTA DP548 adds Series 2 Dynamics onto a 4 Series base and then goes on adding. The DP548 Dynamic Audio Processor combines the very best of the company’s product line and delivers an audio solution that is its most powerful yet. Think of a standard DP448—fully loaded with a 28-band EQ, eight parametric EQs and delay on every input; high pass, low pass, nine parametric EQs and delay, plus a combination of two limiters, including the D-Max limiter on each output.

Crest Audio’s Pro-LITE Series
Crest Audio debuts the Pro-LITE Series power amplifiers with the Pro-LITE 2.0 and Pro-LITE 2.0 DSP, featuring a lightweight, efficient design with high power and stable performance into 2-ohm loads. Crest Audio Pro-LITE Series amps are built on a class D design with a switch-mode power supply that reduces weight while increasing reliability, thermal efficiency and output power. The Pro-LITE 2.0 and Pro-LITE 2.0 DSP boast 985 watts per channel and weigh less than 10 pounds. The power supply allows the amplifiers to deliver consistent, stable performance with low frequencies and at 2-ohm operation.

AKG is introducing its first application exclusively for the Apple iPad, and is simultaneously introducing the AKG Wireless App 2. AKG Perception iPad App is the ultimate guide for all musicians, producers, and engineers interested in the technical prowess that is AKG Perception, which includes a full range of headphones and microphones for live stage and studio, as well as wireless microphone applications. The AKG Wireless App 2.0, now available via free download in the Apple iTunes store, has a host of new features and an updated interface: users will not only be able to monitor and configure their AKG wireless systems through an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, but will also have the opportunity to control multiple settings from system design, to soundcheck and during performances, all through Harman’s HiQnet protocol and a Wi-Fi connection.
dbx S Series Graphic Equalizers, Compressors, And Crossovers

dbx is enhancing its product line with updated versions of its graphic equalizers, compressors, and crossovers. The newly updated dbx S Series products feature a platinum front panel, and four color packaging with informative application suggestions for each product. The dbx S Series products making their NAMM debut include the following: 231s dual 31-band graphic equalizer; 215s dual 15-band graphic equalizer; 131s single 31-band graphic equalizer; 266xs compressor/gate; 166xs compressor/limiter/gate; 234s/234xs stereo 2-way/mono 3-way/mono 4-way crossover; and 223s/223xs stereo 2-way/mono 3-way crossover.
Proel’s SW Series Subwoofers

The SW Series is a range of subwoofers designed by Proel to complement full-range speakers, including the NET and FLASH Series. The SW Series includes two new models and an update to the existing FLASH15S, which has been renovated and renamed. All the SW models feature large voice coil woofers and a band-pass design, providing punchy and dynamic lows together with an extended low frequency response. The class H and class D amplifier modules can generate up to 1000W of continuous power. The SW118H and SW115H models feature, respectively, 18-inch and 15-inch Celestion neodymium speakers, plus 1000W and 500W class D amplifiers. The SW115 model has a 15-inch speaker with 350W class H amplifier.
Audix’s ADX Series Goosenecks

Audix introduces the ADX12 and ADX18, which are professional miniature gooseneck condenser microphones with modular capsule components. Designed for applications such as podium, presentation, meetings, and teleconferencing, the ADX12/18 are known for their clarity, excellent sound quality, and ease of operation along with the ability to accurately capture and reproduce vocals from a comfortable distance. With a frequency range of 40 - 18 kHz, the ADX12/18 provide a smooth and natural vocal response, particularly optimized for speech. The ADX series gooseneck system features a gold plated circuit board with a sophisticated preamp circuitry that is manufactured in house by Audix.

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