RDM for DrinksTV

  • Real Digital Media (RDM), provider of next generation digital signage products for establishing point-of-purchase marketing, promotions and corporate communication networks, has announced that Kyle Private Networks ("KPN") has selected RDM's NEOCAST(r) digital signage solution to manage point-of-purchase programming and advertising to over 600 retail stores nationwide on the DrinksTV in-store television network. DrinksTV provides programming for the beer, wine and spirits retailer, advertiser, and consumer. KPN expects to extend the network to over 1,000 stores by the end of 2007.
  • "When building a digital signage network, it is critical to find the right partner that can scale and meet the demands of your network. Otherwise, you are back to square one," said KPN President John N. Kyle, II. "With NEOCAST(r), we found an economical solution that offers both the precision and flexibility to reach our target audience. Furthermore, their solution's ability to support both terrestrial and satellite environments out-of-the-box gives us a tremendous advantage when dealing with retailers with mixed environments. NEOCAST(r) is simply a superior digital signage application that gives us all the tools we need to succeed."
  • Max Engel, Industry Analyst with Frost & Sullivan's Information & Communications Technologies Group, feels that "KPN's deployment of RDM's digital signage solution in up to 1,000 stores nationwide is a sign of the increasing maturity of the digital signage market. As larger entities begin to roll out these applications on a broader scale, growth in the digital signage arena will accelerate rapidly."
  • DrinksTV programming includes short entertaining segments featuring such topics as wine pairing, the latest drink trends, party tips, trivia, plus exclusive DrinksTV "Pour It On" infotainment segments and more. Programming is updated weekly and reaches over 33 million consumers on an annual basis.
  • "DrinksTV's content is both informative and entertaining and appeals to customers at all levels. The advertising encourages people to try new products" said Jim Valenty, owner of Pasadena Liquors, Pasadena, Florida. "I see the network in action when customers ask me questions about products they have seen featured on the network, and this happens quite often."
  • For more information, please visit us at www.realdigitalmedia.com. KPN operates both its DrinksTV (www.drinkstv.com) and PharmaSee TV (www.PharmaSee.tv) television networks from its corporate headquarters in Miramar, FL.