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New Microphones for Corporate and Education Markets

New Microphones for Corporate and Education Markets

As the trends of multimedia conferencing, telepresence, and distance learning continue to gain momentum, there’s never been a higher demand for top-notch microphones to ensure every word is captured and transmitted in the fullest quality possible. Here are a selection of microphones for the corporate and education sectors that are designed to help users get the most out of their communications.

Clockaudio C012E-RF

“For corporate clients that desire to have a visual cue for microphones in the boardrooms and conference rooms, Clockaudio’s C012E-RF through table cardioid boundary layer microphones are installed with a CH-32 touch switch. The switch uses bicolored status lights that are programmed by a control system and can signal when the system is on or off. This type of visual cue is really important to executives and board members as it gives assurances that the system is functioning properly and the current status of the microphones. Clockaudio’s products provide a full ring to visually identify the microphone status and this gives meeting participants a sense of security about the privacy level of their conversations.”

—Robert Moreau, managing director, Clockaudio North America

Taiden HCS-8335

“Audio intelligibility, interactivity, and the ability to view presentation materials clearly are three required elements to produce focused and successful meetings in corporate environments or training centers. Achieving all three can be challenging; line-of-sight issues with screen positioning are a common problem. Taiden offers an all-in-one conference solution for environments that require individual displays.

The Taiden HCS-8335 Video Monitor Conference Unit combines the classic capabilities of a conference microphone system with a 10-inch high-resolution SDI monitor. The ability to encode any video source for display on the unit helps to overcome line of sight issues experienced in some venues, effectively making every seat the best seat! The unit can be delivered with a gooseneck or array microphone providing excellent audio quality while electronic voting facility enhances meeting interactivity. The advanced Multimedia version comes with touchscreen, onboard camera, screen sharing, and video on demand.”

—Annabelle Gazzo, director of marketing, MediaVision


“MXL is developing a line of wireless USB mics that operate on the 2.4 gHz frequency spectrum, in order to provide high-performance audio with unmatched versatility in application. Our current unit, the AC-410W, features 180-degree pickup in a 25-foot radius, and is designed for ultimate portability through wireless audio transmission and AA battery power. Future models will also support optional AC power. In the classroom scenario, temporary on-demand placement requires a fully wireless application. In a corporate setting, conference room tables are increasingly being outfitted with AC power, requiring wireless audio only.

The AC-410W is a single-transmitter boundary mic, whereas future additions to this line will include sets with multiple transmitters, both boundary and gooseneck designs, which will pair into a single receiver. The goal is to make these units simple to connect and use, allowing for a hassle-free, quick deployment without sacrificing quality.”

—Perry Goldstein, director of multimedia products, MXL

Shure QLX-D

"The Shure QLX-D Digital Wireless System delivers the exceptional wireless performance and transparent 24-bit digital audio demanded by today’s seamless and sophisticated installations within the education and corporate sectors. While its advanced feature set is impressive, what differentiates the system is its cost-effective price point, with systems starting at $999 MAP. However, despite a reasonable price point, the QLX-D system allows customers to operate more channels on-air than with any other wireless system in its class—which is often critical in corporate and education environments—and offers features such as networked control and compatibility, Shure’s intelligent rechargeable battery technology.

An ethernet connection provides networked channel scanning across multiple receivers and Shure Wireless Workbench 6 control software compatibility for advanced frequency coordination. With more than 120 dB of dynamic range, the QLX-D eliminates transmitter gain adjustments. Additionally, the ShurePlus Channels Mobile App allows for remote monitoring and control from any iOS device.”

—Nick Wood, category director for Wireless Products, Shure

Electro-Voice RE92L

“The RE92L presents EV’s renowned RE92 cardioid condenser element in a lavalier version, specifically designed to cater to spoken word applications with superior sound quality, control and comfort. It features wide and smooth frequency response and its 4-foot cable is terminated into an in-line amplifier with XLR output. The amp features a 12 dB/octave switchable high-pass filter for rolling off low-frequency noise, and its transformer-less differential output easily drives longer cable runs. Accessories include a two-stage mic windscreen, both single- and dual-mic tie clips, an amp housing belt clip, and a zippered gig bag. This all adds up to a mic that reproduces the human voice with warmth and clarity, all in a very small format that is easy to use and wear, and barely visible when worn.”

Guy Low, Electro-Voice

Lectrosonics DSW

“The Digital Secure Wireless system is the ideal tool for those environments where privacy is crucial and is, for example, particularly well-suited for use at large corporations, banks, and other financial institutions. With the passage in 2002 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, information security and access control have been central themes with companies in compliance with the law. Similarly, educational environments can similarly benefit from secure wireless mic transmission. Our new Digital Secure Wireless system provides the convenience of wireless freedom while protecting one’s sensitive information.”

—Karl Winkler, vice president, sales and service, Lectrosonics

ClearOne WS800

“Corporate and educational organizations’ requirements for flexible meeting spaces apply both to individual room arrangements, and to divisible meeting spaces. This creates challenges for AV systems, including microphone systems. Using wireless microphones allows easier movement of the microphones in dynamically changing environments. However, managing the microphones in a cost-effective way that does not strand wireless system resources in unused spaces is difficult. Ideally, you should be able to use any of the microphones in any space they are needed.

The Clearone WS800 Digital Wireless Microphone system is the proven solution to this challenge, as our product allows a single WS800 system to cover from one to six meeting spaces. A standard touchpanel control and room integration system can assign microphones to specific spaces for specific meetings. Other systems can be added as needed, at up to 128 channels per space. This greatly increases the value of the client’s wireless investment.”

—John Nygren, sales director, Wireless Microphone Solutions North and Central America, ClearOne

Audix M3

“When it comes to mics for conferencing or distance learning applications, Audix took notice that there was need for a hanging tri-element condenser mic that could dramatically improve speech capture, while at the same time not compromise the aesthetic demands of architects and consultants alike. The result is the unobtrusive yet powerful Audix M3 tri-element ceiling mic. The frequency and pattern of the M3 is tailored for voice clarity and rejection of extraneous noise, making it an ideal mic for conferencing and distance learning.

The smallest and only TAA-compliant multi-element mic available, the M3 features fully balanced circuits and a UL-rated plenum box. The standard 4-foot cable offers fingertip control for adjusting length. Custom length drops are available for installations when ceiling heights exceed 12 feet. An M3 model is also available for drywall ceilings or when plenum spaces above drop-tile ceilings demand conduit cable runs. Available in white and charcoal, the M3 is designed, assembled, and tested in the USA.”

—Monica Santi, senior marketing consultant, Audix

“In corporate or educational environments, the primary advantage users gain by using the Sennheiser D1 Wireless is simplicity. It requires almost no setup, and everything works automatically—including required frequency changes and power levels. It delivers pristine digital quality, yet is simple for the non-audio professional to use. A user can simply walk into the classroom or board meeting, turn it on, and they’ll get great results without having the least bit of technical expertise.”

Sennheiser D-1

—Kevin Waehner, commercial manager, Music Industry, Sennheiser

Matt Pruznick is associate editor of SCN and ResidentialSystems. Follow him on Twitter @Pruznick

Matt Pruznick

Matt Pruznick is the former editor of AV Technology, and senior editor for Systems Contractor News and Residential Systems. He is based in New York.