Digital Signage Training at DSE

  • Digital Signage Expo (Feb. 22-24, Las Vegas) will be featuring, among many education offerings, digital signage training from Lyle Bunn, Stephen Platt, and Alan and Jonathan Brawn.
  • SPEED Digital Signage Training Program, from Lyle Bunn
  • Full Day Conference: Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) Certification Program, from Alan and Jonathan Brawn
  • Full Day Conference: Digital Signage Display Experts Course, from Alan and Jonathan Brawn
  • Full Day Conference: Platt Retail Institute Program, from Stephen Platt
  • SPEED is of course, run by the ubiquitous Lyle Bunn. DSEG and Digital Signage Display Experts are of course run by the formidable team of Alan and Jonathan Brawn. The Platt Retail Institute is under the helm of Stephen Platt. Platt’s courses are not so much “training” as retail digital signage market analysis.
  • All three of those entities know their stuff. And they all focus on different things. There is some overlap (full disclosure, I’m friends with all– and I’ll get friendly nudges from all), but they really bring different kinds of expertise to the table. All three groups appear regularly in the pages of trade publications I edit, and/or put out their own blogs, research, and more. So most reading this, are familiar with their respective approaches to training (and really, in Stephen’s case, more on the research side).
  • Check out their training available at the DSE show in February:

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