New high-bandwidth, high-speed fiber-optic cabling is now the right choice

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Think of all the barriers to entry of installing fiber-optic cabling. Now forget them.

This buyers guide outlines the latest advances in high-bandwidth, high-speed fiber-optic cabling that will be game changers for IT, AV and commercial building stakeholders who are seeking to meet the rapidly growing networking needs of their customers. You will learn:

  • How to future-proof your network infrastructure
  • Create more robust business operations that lead to greater financial opportunities
  • Compare fiber optic cable performance to that of UTP cable 
  • Compare durability of fiber optic cable to that of standard fiber 
  • Best practices for fiber optic cable installation
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Covid Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic HDMI Cables

Covid (booth C9914) Rainbow Fish fiber optic HDMI cables connect up to 1,000 foot lengths with no signal degradation. These fiber HDMI cables are in-wall/riser rated and offer a unique and easy to install design. The cable is equipped with a USB power cable integrated into the receiving HDMI connector. The housing