Latest Shure Podcasts Cover The Fundamentals Of Wired And Wireless Microphones -

Latest Shure Podcasts Cover The Fundamentals Of Wired And Wireless Microphones

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NILES, IL--Shure Incorporated has posted several new educational podcasts, called Shurecasts, on the company's website and on iTunes that cover the basics of wired and wireless microphones. Topics include "Transducers," "Frequency Response," and "Directionality" for wired microphones, and "Choosing the Right System," "Frequency Selection," and "Antennas" for wireless microphones.

"These are just a handful in a series of podcasts we've already created and are continuing to produce as part of our overall education program," said Chris Lyons, manager of technical and educational communications for Shure. "For years, we've had an extensive library of educational booklets and articles available on our website, which have been very popular. The nice thing about our podcasts is their portability because they can be played on any digital music player or computer."

Other Shurecasts that are currently available cover a variety of audio topics, including sound isolating' earphones, stereo miking techniques, the SM57 and SM58 microphones, and White Spaces. Each episode includes a brief introduction to a particular segment of audio technology, such as microphones or earphones, and audible demonstrations.

Additional Shurecasts will be released on a regular basis, approximately one per month, and some episodes will include interviews with artists and engineers.

Shure is inviting questions about the current and previous Shurecasts as well as suggestions for topics, which can be submitted by sending an e-mail to



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