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DSE PreConference Program Announced

The Digital Signage Expo, with its robust conference track as well as show floor, is one of those trade events where I always say, leading up to it, “nice to have a show that's easy to attend and manage…”

But when I’m there (including moderating a variety of panels and seminars myself), I always end up saying “this show is not long enough to do everything….”

A two hour show floor is good for a lot of the exhibitors, and attendees, as it allows costs to exhibit or to attend to be kept in check. But for this next show (Feb. 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center) DSE is accomplishing both things: keeping the show floor to a two-day event, but adding a third (actually pre-show) seminar and training day. And I’m happy to report that key to that Pre-Conference Program (on Feb. 23) features my friends, Lyle Bunn, and Alan and Jonathan Brawn, offering up their respective digital signage training. The Brawns with their Digital Signage Experts Group certification program; and separately, Lyle Bunn with his “SPEED” Digital Signage Training Program. Both programs will take place the day prior to the show floor opening. Both training programs have done very well in 2009 educating users, installers, designers, and others, and both will go into 2010 running, with a major presence at DSE.

Digital Signage Expo (DSE) has also announced that its 2010 Pre-Conference Program, scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 23 will feature a full day Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Summit and a Live Guided Installation Tour.

DSE’s Pre-Conference Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Summit will include seven 45-minute seminars targeted to Brand Marketers and Advertising Agency Professionals:
• The Dawn of Digital Out-of-Home
• Walmart Smart Network: Results, Best Practices and the Future of In-Store Media
• Resources Wish List: What Brands Need From You…NOW!
• Digital Out-of-Home Brand Planning: Realities & Roadmaps for Success
• Digital Out-of-Home Consumer Connections: The 5 Viewer Principles for Success
• Innovation Meets Measurement
• Digital Out-of-Home’s Technology Arsenal: What’s Here, What’s Coming
• Panel Discussion

The Digital Signage Experts Group certification program, offered in conjunction with Brawn Consulting, is a comprehensive one-day seminar allows participants to earn a DSCE, or Digital Signage Certified Expert designation based on industry best practices and will cover fundamentals, basic theory, project management, and advanced project management.

The half day “SPEED” Digital Signage Training Program (Structures for Planning, Explanation, Excitement and Deployment) offered in conjunction with The BUNN Company, provides comprehensive, practical and accelerated training for potential and new end users, suppliers, advertisers and investors, helping them to better plan, launch, deploy and apply digital signage and digital out-of-home media.

DSE’s Live Installation Tour will begin at 9am on Tuesday, 2/23 and run through 1pm. The four-hour escorted coach tour will showcase installation sites around the city of Las Vegas so attendees can see how real-world applications have transformed sales environments and observe customers interfacing with new technologies. Participants will be accompanied by brand spokespeople who will be on hand to answer questions and speak to the challenges they faced in concept, and design and implementation at each tour stop.

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