NEC Unveils First Automatic Projectors

  • In a major development for the projector business, NEC is launching two automatic projectors, the LT30 and LT35. Both NEC digital projectors are smaller than an 81/2-inch x 11-inch sheet of paper and weigh less than five pounds, but boast a brightness of a much larger projector. Virtually everything on these projectors is automatic, including start-up, focus, keystone correction, AutoSense and even cool down. These technological innovations are all included on the NEC LT30/35 to make presenting easier for the user and to protect the life of the lamp.
  • The NEC LT30 and LT35 DLP projectors feature a full set of automatic innovations which help to alleviate public speaking worry in the presenter's mind. First, the automatic focus instantly provides a sharp image without the touch of a button via a distance sensor located in the front of the projector. Also, if the projector is set up at a steep offset angle to the screen, the automatic keystone correction instantly recognizes this and corrects the angle to project a perfectly square image. The LT30/35 also features automatic start-up and shut down enabling the projector to be turned on and off from a wall light-switch or power strip. The projectors also feature direct power off which is a unique lamp saver technology that protects the lamp in the event of power interruption. Built-in sensors protect the lamp and projector from overheating, increasing the lamp life. Finally, NEC's AutoSense technology intuitively syncs the projector with computer signals and features one-touch image optimization which provides better clarity and greater detail of high resolution images.
  • At only 4.4 pounds, these projectors are portable enough to be moved from room to room or to drop into a carry-on bag for the plane. Even at this small size, the LT30 and LT35 boast an unprecedented brightness at 2,600 lumens and 3,000 lumens, respectively. Also, built-in wall color correction allows you to properly display an image even on non-white surfaces. These high resolution, XGA 1024x768 native resolution projectors feature advanced video processing including 3-2/2-2 pull down which provides error free interpolation for moving video resulting in a smooth image with greater clarity and detail.
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