From Presentations To Parties

From Presentations To Parties

Adding DMX Control To A Range Of AV Projects Quietly but inexorably, the worlds of AV, multimedia control, and digital signage are converging with distantly related fields, of which automated lighting is one. While manufacturers such as Lutron and Crestron have offered the prospect of integrated control over

Integrators are exploring ways to combine automated lighting, room control, and digital signage in a single application. Kraftwerk Living Technologies has deployed Crestron’s QuickMedia Cat5 transport solution across a conference facility. ‘white’ light for many years, the idea of triggering automated, colored lighting fixtures from an AV control surface has tended to be confined to live events, and show control in particular.

Now AV Stumpfl, itself a pioneer in show-control system design, has taken the convergence a stage further with its Iseo software platform. Formerly branded as SC TouchControl, Iseo is suitable for both fixed installations and mobile applications.

The software runs on any Windows- based PC terminal and requires no central control computer. Communication is bi-directional over IP and AV Stumpfl offers a free GUI design tool, Iseo Designer, which allows interfaces to be designed on large screens, separate from the smaller terminals on which the end-user platform, Iseo Viewer, is run.

The addition of an SC LAN DMX512 network adapter (one of several offered by the company) gives Iseo the potential to control movinghead light fixtures, low-res LED walls, or any other light source compatible with the DMX control protocol. Seamless integration with AV Stumpfl’s existing show-control hardware and software, as well as its Wings Platinum multi-display control platform, adds a further range of possibilities, as does the availability of a KNX/EIB gateway and router for connection to building automation systems.

Think there’s no way that automated lighting, room control, and digital signage could be combined in a single application? Think again. On the refurbished top floor of the Korston Hotel in Moscow, Russia, integrator Kraftwerk Living Technologies has deployed Crestron’s QuickMedia Cat5 transport solution across a conference facility comprising two banks of three dividable and combinable rooms, with interface panels in each room containing audio, video, DMX, data and power connectors. An LCD panel outside each room displays meeting-room status, with Iseo acting as the bridge between the hotel’s room booking systems and the signage network.

“We also added rigging points to all rooms, complete with outlets for power and DMX, so that if an event needs to have a party atmosphere, customers—or their DJs—can bring their own moving-head or PAR can lighting, and everything remains under the control of the AV system,” said Kraftwerk’s Christian Hofer.