NanoLumens Curved LED Displays are Largest in Australia

NanoLumens Curved LED Displays are Largest in Australia

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre now features the largest curved LED displays in Australia with multiple NanoLumens LED video displays suspended over the mall’s two key areas. Pacific Fair was originally built in 1977 and has undergone numerous expansions, the most recent of which was an A$670 million renovation in 2014. The mall now features 420 shops, restaurants and entertainment destinations covering over 1.6 million square feet.

NanoLumens LED video displays are suspended over Pacific Fair's two main areasThe NanoLumens NanoCurve LED video displays float over the Oculus and Myer department stores. The displays over Oculus are three single-sided 5MM NanoCurve displays each measuring 9.7 feet wide by 17.2 feet tall and the 6MM double-sided NanoCurve near the Myer store measures 17.6 feet high by 10.4 feet wide and is built with a wave shape running through the display.

The NanoLumens solutions were recommended by Digital Place Solutions and installed by AV systems integrator Digi Corporate.

“The Pacific Fair redevelopment project transformed one of Australia’s most iconic shopping malls into a 21st Century experience with world-class retailers, and the NanoLumens displays are superb examples of digital display design and ingenuity, reflecting the themes of the mall’s resort style through their design,” said Stephen Rubie, Digital Place Solutions Co-Founder. “The displays serve both to enhance the esthetic aspect of the shopping experience at Pacific Fair while serving as a powerful consumer engagement solution. The displays are being used as a highly effective advertising vehicle that stops shoppers in their tracks. Advertisers are thrilled that their messages are being seen and retained by shoppers.”

“The format and shape of the displays were the biggest challenges.” Rubie said. “The atrium is large, with a combination of circular and triangular openings and a skylight above. To provide a relevant display in the space required a circular array of curved displays to meet the esthetic objectives of the mall while aligning the advertising faces with the main pedestrian traffic corridors. This had to be achieved while maintaining standard portrait media format dimensions.”

The design criteria required the displays to be very thin and light. The atrium space is open with a lightly supported glass roof structure so the displays had to continue this design theme.

The design criteria required the NanoLumens displays to be both thin and light
“NanoLumens offered the best solution — a perfectly curved solution at a resolution fine enough for close viewing from the upper levels of the atrium,” Rubie said. “The NanoLumens 5MM NanoCurve was ideal for the application: fine pitch, perfect curve and super-wide viewing angles across multiple levels of the mall allowed DPS and the mall design team to develop a stunning solution in the Oculus atrium space. With a depth of just over four inches, the NanoLumens displays allowed the designers to complement the display with a lighting feature on the inside of the array creating a chandelier effect.”

This is the first time LED displays of this size have been deployed together in Australia, all operating together with common content creating a single advertising pallet for audience engagement.

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