NanoLumens Builds New Campus Theater for Acuity Insurance

NanoLumens Builds New Campus Theater for Acuity Insurance
  • NanoLumens put its design abilities to the test when they were tasked with designing a visually powerful display solution for Acuity Insurance’s new campus theater.

“The United States offers more opportunities to more businesses than any nation on earth and our employees work tirelessly to help enable these businesses to achieve their biggest dreams,” said Ben Salzmann, President & CEO of Acuity Insurance. “Keeping our employees motivated and informed is key to our continued success, so we created this new theater to help make that happen through quarterly employee town-hall meetings and smaller on-going group meetings and presentations held regularly throughout the year.”

Incorporating jumbotron sized video walls into the new 2,000-seat theater posed a serious challenge because the two-level theater is circular and the seats are installed in a vertical manner in a 65-foot radius from the stage.

“People who enter the theater for the first time gasp because it is most unusual to see so many seats arranged in such a vertical manner in a radius that is so close to the stage,” said Salzmann. “It delivers the impact we were hoping to create.”

Acuity required a display solution that would enable every seat in the theater to have a clear view of the stage no matter where the seat was located. In addition, the total weight of the solution had to fall below a certain limit in order to conform to the architecture of the building ceiling.

“With this circular set-up, we determined that part of the audience would always be looking at the speaker’s back side," said Sheri Murphy, Acuity Vice President - Services and Administration. "This reality created the need for the multi-panel LED curved displays that could be seen clearly and vividly from the front from every seat in the theater, regardless of the location.”

NanoLumens was brought into the equation by Acoustics by Design, the company responsible for developing the new theater’s entire advanced audiovisual system, and Camera Corner Connecting Point, the company responsible for installing whatever display solution was selected.

“We went through a long process discussing the digital displays,” said Tim Hamilton, Acoustic by Design Senior Audio Visual Consultant. “Since Acuity didn’t have a space like this currently, we explored many different technologies, everything from LED to projection technology. It was a tough challenge to ensure that the display solution met the vision of the Acuity team and resonated well with each audience.”

After selecting LED technology as the way to go, Acuity, Acoustics by Design and Camera Corner Connecting Point selected NanoLumens.

“We wanted something that would be clean looking from an installation perspective and offer the brightness and resolution that the client’s content on the screen was going to require,” said Hamilton. “NanoLumens created a stunning solution that worked for everyone involved in the project.”

The solution created by NanoLumens is a five-sided pentagon 3mm NanoSlim LED display solution. Each of the five curved displays measures 10’H X 6.5’W and is joined together to create a single pentagon shaped structure that hangs suspended from the ceiling over the theater’s central stage. The pentagon measures 16’ across the center and weighs a total of 3,600 pounds, including the winch. The calculated weight of the displays is only 1,900 pounds.

“We had a very specific weight limit that we had to stay under when designing the display solution,” said Scott Tomashek, Camera Corner Audio Visual Systems Consultant. “The NanoLumens team demonstrated their value by creating a superior solution that came in under the maximum weight limit."

As critical as the NanoLumens LED displays are to the new theater’s success, a 10 Danley speaker sound system with one large subwoofer and a six-camera video system to track speakers from every angle complete the technology package.

“We made every effort to ensure that the visual sightlines and audio clarity were second-to-none,” said Salzmann. “The combination of the NanoLumens displays with the audiovisual system results in a solution that will help us to better connect with, inform and motivate our employees.”

According to NanoLumens Regional Sales Manager Ryan Wilhelm, the success of the project is a credit to every member of the team, each of whom contributed their very best ideas to design a solution that delivers an unprecedented visual impact in a structure that weighs less than the maximum weight restriction.

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