NanoLumens and ICG Partner for Atlanta Stadium Preview Center -

NanoLumens and ICG Partner for Atlanta Stadium Preview Center

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The new Atlanta Falcons football stadium isn’t scheduled to open until the start of the 2017 NFL professional football season, but the new Preview Center that recently opened to serve the team’s fans is already bringing the stadium to life — thanks to an immersive “sensory surround” curved LED display installation created by NanoLumens and ICG, a full-service digital media firm.

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 ICG Halo shaped LED in Atlanta Falcons Stadium Preview CenterAccording to Nate Remmes, NanoLumens Director of Business Development, the installation features a 303” long elliptical LED NanoCurve display that features a 5MM pixel pitch and measures 219” wide and 42-5/8” tall. “The new $1.2 billion multi-purpose stadium will be a sports and entertainment complex designed to attract world-class sports, civic, cultural, and commercial events and serve as a landmark for the city of Atlanta,” Remmes said today. “The center has been created to sell tickets and had to be every bit as exciting and technologically advanced as the stadium it serves, and we are proud to be the LED display solutions provider chosen by the Falcons organization to make this happen.”

ICG installed a Halo shaped LED in a prefabricated environment, which posed many logistical challenges. ICG’s team then outfitted the solution with their brdKstr live event controller. ICG also designed and created 3D animations to finalize this digital installation.

“Cumulatively we intend to change the way professional sports organizations interact with their loyal fans”, stated ICG’s CTO Gordon Davidson. “We are pleased to demonstrate a glimpse of what the New Atlanta Falcons Stadium will offer when it opens in 2017.”

The new Preview Center ticket office is managed by Legends Global Sales (LGS) who is responsible for overseeing the franchise’s premium and season ticket sales. LGS is also responsible for all aspects of the sales strategy and execution for luxury suites, as well as for premium club seat and season ticket sales, including staffing, training, product creation and marketing. LGS is also collaborating with 360 Architecture on the innovative stadium’s premium and club spaces, as well as on the layout and design of a state-of-the art sales preview center, which will include an interactive online sales experience. Check out ICG’s video on the stunning installation here.


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