L-ACOUSTICS Spotlights Self-Powered P Series

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L-ACOUSTICS is introducing its new self-powered P Series two-way loudspeaker enclosures. Currently comprised of the 108P and 112P, the new models combine the significant advantages of L-ACOUSTICS' proven coaxial point source technology with the convenience of self-powered performance and power of digital signal processing.

The 108P is a bi-amplified, digitally processed, full-range loudspeaker containing a one-inch exit HF compression driver coaxially loaded into an eight-inch LF transducer. Advantages of the 108P's coaxial approach include coherent point source radiation and 100-degree axisymmetric directivity (identical horizontal, vertical and axial coverage). Coaxial design also provides superimposed LF/HF dispersion characteristics that are free of the polar lobing effects typical of traditional horn and woofer combinations. The end result is natural, studio monitor-quality sound that is ideal for nearfield monitoring, proximity fill use, or portable distributed sound reinforcement applications.

Integral digital crossover filtering and high-resolution system equalization provide uncompromised sonic quality and flexibility. Four presets can be selected via a rear panel switch to suit different applications (Front, Fill, Monitor, X-Over). Remote mute control capability plus network monitoring of voltage, current and temperature complement this flexibility.

Designed for professional high-power use, the 108P sports an integral high-efficiency, two-channel power amplifier module capable of delivering 450 W continuous (1 kHz, 0.5 percent THD) into four ohms and 260 W continuous (1 kHz, 0.5 percent THD) into eight ohms for powering the low and high frequency transducers, respectively. The system's LF transducer features long-term power handling of 250 Wrms at four ohms with the HF transducer rated for 50 Wrms at eight ohms. As a full range system, the 108P's frequency response is 65 Hz to 20 kHz (±2dB) and a usable bandwidth of 50 Hz to 22 kHz (-10dB).

Intended for high performance touring or fixed installation, the 112P features advanced components and rigging accessories while benefiting from the flexibility afforded by digital system equalization and network control/monitoring. Four application-engineered presets are available (Front, Fill, Monitor, X-Over) and this flexibility is complemented by remote mute control capability plus network monitoring of voltage, current and temperature.

For more information, visit www.l-acoustics-us.com.


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