Bosch CCS Ultro And Cory's Audio Visual Services -

Bosch CCS Ultro And Cory's Audio Visual Services

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Cory's Audio Visual Services is having excellent results deploying their new Bosch CCS 800 Ultro Discussion Systems for a wide range of small and mid-sized corporate applications.

Cory's rental manager Brad Poarch described a monthly board meeting that perfectly demonstrates the CCS 800's flexibility, ease of use, and sound quality, "One client that has benefited from the new System is the Oklahoma Board of Nursing Review Board, with whom we have worked for nine years. These meetings, comprising 12 officials, the reviewee, and their attorney, take place in a temporary boardroom in a local hotel ballroom, which we equip to ensure professional boardroom functionality and ambience. The Bosch Conferencing Systems are helping make that happen on a whole new level this year."

As the review meeting has grown over time, requiring more microphones, so have the challenges, "We had been using a 16-channel mixer with standard cardioid microphones, going straight into the installed distributed sound system," adds Poarch. "As you can imagine, using the house system in a hotel ballroom makes it hard to get available gain with 16 open mics. Then, of course, you have people sitting at the table, leaning back off their mics, or having trouble hearing, etc. Since switching to the CCS 800 System with the all-in-one desktop units, the whole deployment has been streamlined, with an amazing improvement in performance-the clients absolutely love it."

"First off, the client commented on the sound quality-a vast improvement over the old mics," Poarch continues. "Secondly, users liked that they could have the volume up louder without risk of feedback; thanks to the System's digital acoustic feedback suppressor, less microphones are hot at any given time-a straightforward solution to the gain problems in the room. Thirdly, the all-in-one design means there's a high quality speaker at each station as well as a mic, so we no longer need to plug into the house sound system for overhead monitoring. This means the installed house sound system-recessed ceiling speakers-can be dedicated completely to the audience. Everyone can hear-and be heard-clearly.

"Perhaps the biggest difference with the new desktop units is that our customers don't need to touch anything," Poarch adds. "We set their Systems up and plug them in, and they just go on with their meeting. There's no worry about adjusting levels, and there are enough outputs on the CCS Control Unit to feed to the stenographer and the secretary handling recordings."

"Not only do the Systems look and sound better," Poarch continues, "they also cut our setup time in half for this job. We used to send two guys out, and it would take about an hour for them to set up, ring the System out, etc. Now one person can get everything done in about half an hour. These Systems save time, they sound better, and they're easy to use."



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