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The Seattle Design Center, Boston Design Center and Pacific Market Center are all three retail properties, with similar "interactive directory" solutions with way finding and promotional media space. Custom branded interfaces and functionality make them unique, not to mention the number of screens... see more: New Media Spotlight: click on "New Media Spotlight"


Symon New Media Players

Symon Communications has announced the general availability of its new Symon Digital Appliance Series of media players.  The SDA Series is an advanced network-manageable product that maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of delivering dynamic digital signage to LCD and plasma screens. SDAs are used for employee and corporate communications, retail, hospitality and gaming, health care, contact center and supply chain, encompassing a wide variety of broadcast content combining Symon’s 27 years of expertise in visual display technology.

New Whitepaper Addresses Content of Dynamic Media

A new industry whitepaper focused on dynamic media content is now available for download at . The paper, titled "The CONTENT of Dynamic Place-Based Media - The Rise of the "Content is King" Monarchy," is available for free. The 44 page whitepaper covers topics such as: -  the context of content in d

New Gefen Media Players

Gefen has announced the availability of two new digital signage media players, expanding the range of solutions it provides for this growing industry segment. Both Digital Signage Media Players with Wi-Fi offer a SMIL (synchronized multimedia integration language)-compliant media player that works with any computer

New Media Player from DGScreen

DGScreen Ltd, an emerging provider of cloud-based digital signage systems, today announced the launch of their next generation digital signage media player -- the DGBox-VGA. DGBox-VGA is a dedicated media player designed specifically for digital signage delivering premium functionality including: HD-ready resolution

Symon Launches New Digital Media Players

Symon, a global provider of digital signage solutions announced the availability of its new Symon Multiplex Appliance (SMA) 3000 media player. The SMA-3000 is a specialized Symon Digital Appliance (SDA) media player with up to 12 independent video output capacity capable of sending one to twelve digital signals from one SMA-3000 implementation to a corresponding number of discrete channels or LCD screens.