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Capitol One To Distribute Panasonic’s VC500 HD Visual Communications System

  • Capitolis now one of four select U.S. distributors offering Panasonic System Network Company of America’s VC500 HD Visual Communications System.
  • Panasonic’s HD Visual Communications System makes it possible to instantaneously communicate and collaborate with colleagues and industry experts wherever they happen to be. With full HD 1080i video and 360° audio delivered over a standard broadband connection, the Panasonic HDVC System allows companies to save money by reducing travel and improving productivity.
  • “Panasonic’s VC500 system represents a quantum leap forward in video conferencing capabilities,” commented Jeff Kussard, Capitol’s Director of Strategic Development. “The seamless integration of a brilliant HD display, high performance 360º audio and, most important, intuitive operation, has quickly made the VC500 the standard in modern video conferencing systems. Though we know it’s a hit with our long-time commercial integrator customers, we’re also hearing a tremendous amount of buzz from residential installers who are taking the plunge into the light commercial market. It’s an opportunity they need to explore.”
  • The VC500 HD video conferencing system greatly reduces the time and expense of traveling without sacrificing the benefits of an on-site meeting. Real-time HD video professional grade 360º audio allow remote participants to collaborate on issues and ideas while reducing travel time and operational expenses.
  • In order to offer its customers an easy-to-implement starting point, Capitol offers a comprehensive VC500 package featuring one high performance 360º echo canceling microphone, two HD video cameras, a 50” HD display, and the proprietary codec that ties the elements together into one efficient system. Customers who prefer flexibility in their choice of cameras and displays can opt for a package that includes only the codec and microphone. Capitol will, of course, customize systems to best fit the needs of their customers and end-users.
  • “Video conferencing is critical to facilitating communication and project management between two or more locations,” added Kussard. “The VC500 takes what was once a major undertaking and seamlessly simplifies the process so that participants can focus on the subject at hand, not operating and managing the system.”