Year Of the Cats At Clarity Visual -

Year Of the Cats At Clarity Visual

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Clarity Visual Systems is launching Bay Cat X and Bobcat X, the newest versions of its direct view LCD displays.

Bobcat X and Bay Cat X are, respectively, 40- and 46-inch displays. Key new features of both models include improved panel response time, and a modular I/O architecture with available HD-SDI connectivity for improved video performance and convenient integration in broadcast applications.
Bobcat X boasts 1366 x 768 resolution, native 16:9 aspect ratio (ideal for HD content), increased brightness (500 nits) and contrast ratio (800:1). With an 8ms response time, the 1920 x 1080 Bay Cat X (also native 16:9 aspect ratio) is now almost 60 percent faster than its predecessor.

Both displays reflect Clarity's new fan-less design for super-quiet operation. In addition, they offer a sub-four-inch deep form factor, sensor-based intelligent backlight control, ultra wide viewing angles, anti-reflective/anti-glare protective screen faceplate technology and remote monitoring of display status and performance.

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