Parametric Sound to Add Audio to Bank Digital Signage

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Parametric Sound Corporation’s proprietary audio technology is being marketed to and evaluated by banks and hardware providers and consultants within the retail banking sector.

HyperSound allows banks to enhance their digital place-based media with customized audio, and supports efforts to strengthen brand loyalty and cross-sell product offerings. HyperSound-enabled digital signage can be placed in many areas within and around the bank to engage customers. Potential locations currently being evaluated by the sector include the entry, foyer, teller and private client areas, drive-throughs, and ATM locations. The company believes ongoing banking pilot installations demonstrate the ability to enhance customer engagement at these types of locations. HyperSound allows a banking institution to deliver audio to specific, targeted areas without creating sound bleed into adjacent zones.

“Enhancing digital signage with directional audio offers a compelling product bundle,” said Todd Savitt, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Parametric Sound. “We are aggressively pursuing opportunities that enable banks to engage with customers quickly and with more effective and diverse messages.”

HyperSound delivers high fidelity audio in a directional beam using thin sound emitters. Currently used in commercial applications including retail digital signage, the technology is expected to have applications in video game audio, personal computers, mobile devices, televisions and home theater. The company’s patented and patent-pending technology has also demonstrated positive results for those with hearing deficiencies and shows potential for future health care applications.


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