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Marshall Electronics' Digital Signage Ideal for High-Traffic Areas

  • Marshall Electronics, in El Segundo, CA, provider of broadcast monitors and pro AV products, has added digital signs to their line up. The digital signs, ranging in sizes from 10 inches to 32 inches, are a complete solution for the digital sign market. They come built in with processors, capable of full motion video. Compact and rugged, the company says that they are perfect for high traffic public uses, including room signs for schools and hotels, advertising, and emergency information.
  • With the built in processor, there is no need for an outboard computer or processor, thus making them a one piece solution for applications that have space limitations. The heavy gage all metal cabinets are fully enclosed and locking. The wires are hidden by exiting out of the back of the unit. The face of the monitor is protected by a user replaceable plexiglass cover. The replacement cover, which costs about $10 is perfect for locations that may have a high propensity for vandalism. The mounting system is two pieces, allowing the user to replace the monitor if necessary, without having to uninstall the screws and mounting hardware. The locking system secures the monitor to the mount, minimizing theft issues.
  • The cost of these units starts at $699. There are a number of accessories that can be added, for a more customized application. Accessories, such as a larger hard drive, wireless WI-FI operation, and a flush mount make it the perfect digital sign solution for almost any application.
  • “These signs were designed from the ground up, working hand in hand with actual users, to insure they met the needs of market”, states Perry Goldstein, sales and marketing manager of Marshall Electronics Pro AV division. Our customers were telling us that they needed a low cost, one piece solution, in the small screen format, made for public locations that are heavy trafficked. The design team focused on security, durability, and price point”.