Buffalo’s New Larkin Square Goes Technomad

Buffalo’s New Larkin Square Goes Technomad

Larkin Square features a professional audio system equipped with 25 Technomad loudspeakers.The Larkin Development Group of Buffalo, NY has unveiled a multi-purpose public space in the Larkin District of the city to further unite the community. The newly developed Larkin Square is alive with outdoor concerts, retail markets, office buildings, lounge areas, and more.

Stretching the length of one city block, Larkin Square features a professional audio system equipped with 25 Technomad loudspeakers. The system supports the "Live at Larkin" summer concert series, a weekly Wednesday evening entertainment
series featuring local musicians and nationally recognized artists.

Local systems integration firm Powerhouse Pro Systems strategically positioned the loudspeakers throughout the square to maximize coverage for large audiences. The weatherproof loudspeakers deliver background music and announcements, including public safety information, to roughly 10,000 people gathered in the square each week.

The Technomad loudspeakers comprise a mix of the company's Noho and Vienna loudspeakers, and were chosen for their ability to deliver intelligible voice and background music in a compact and durable package. The weatherproof loudspeakers are unprotected from outdoor elements and deployed in a 70-volt configuration to accommodate lengthy cable runs.

Tony Spencer of Powerhouse Pro Systems installed the systems in cooperation with local electrical designer Paul Foxe of Wittburn Enterprises. Spencer, in the AV installation business for more than two decades, consistently uses Technomad loudspeakers for their ability to withstand rigorous climates and project full-range audio with broad dispersion over long distances.

"Technomad loudspeakers were designed to perform under a multitude of weather conditions, whether it's 90-degree heat in the summertime or below-zero temperatures during winter," Spencer said. "We get both in Buffalo, so having durable, weatherproof construction that could withstand snow and ice buildup was of major importance. We also wanted loudspeakers that offered good projection and delivered well-rounded audio with an admirable amount of bass. The Noho and Vienna were the perfect fit for this project as they are the ideal size, and deliver superbly intelligible speech and unmatched audio."

Spencer and Foxe installed 10 Noho loudspeakers on five light poles spread throughout the square. The two-per-light pole strategy ensures an even outdoor audio pattern outside with broad audio coverage at any volume.

The remaining 11 Nohos blanket a covered walkway area that can accommodate 1,000 people, with the loudspeakers positioned high above the crowds. The Nohos in this section are evenly spaced and directed inward to the crowd—ensuring even audio coverage and a pleasant background music soundtrack to match the relaxing, lounge-like atmosphere of the space.

The duo also installed four compact Vienna loudspeakers in the nearby covered stage area, which is an elevated space for smaller live acts.

"We placed the Viennas roughly 10 feet up from the stage floor, which was the ideal height to deliver the perfect pitch here," Spencer said. "This space doubles as a lounge area with background music when not being used for a live band. The Viennas fill the need perfectly."

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