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“Viva McDonald's” on Las Vegas Strip Opens

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McDonald's has announced the opening of Viva McDonald's, the company's new technology-inspired restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip.

At 8600 square feet, Viva McDonald's is the largest McDonald's restaurant in Nevada and, in true Las Vegas style, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Viva McDonald's is a media-rich, technology-driven location that lives up to the Vegas standard of lights and action.

On the exterior, four nine-feet-tall by eight-feet-wide Daktronics LED video displays are directly above Viva McDonald's front entrance, while two LED video displays measuring 10-feet-tall by 23-feet-wide hang beneath the restaurant's golden arch marquee, inviting passersby to come in and enjoy the new McDonald's experience. The technology and screens will offer McDonald's an opportunity to provide unique content and branded messages to its restaurant patrons.

On the interior of the restaurant, along with a cheerful ultra modern decor, guests will find a content rich 14-screen media ring suspended in the two-story, open ceiling dining room.

Viva McDonald's state-of-the-art, all electric kitchen has three-platen grills, Low Oil Volume (LOV) fryers and sells McCafe beverages, McDonald's new line of espresso coffees including mochas, cappuccinos and lattes. The location offers wireless Internet to customers, and guests will find a line of Viva McDonald's branded merchandise available for purchase.

Adding a new element to the customer experience, Viva McDonald's offers the McDonald's Channel on its 14-screen media ring, which features content from content providers, including Discovery Communications, and displays McDonald's-branded short vignettes of popular Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and Science Channel programming along with other entertainment snippets. McDonald's Channel will bring a unique, family-friendly dining experience that customers from around the world can enjoy.

Developed and provided by ChannelPort Communications, the McDonald's Channel is powered by technology from Harris Corporation, featuring the InfoCaster digital signage platform. ChannelPort worked closely with McDonald's to bring together content partners like Discovery Communications and technology partners like Harris, which is deploying an array of software, equipment, and services to manage and control the acquisition, preparation, scheduling and display of the McDonald's Channel at the new restaurant.

"Viva McDonald's, with the McDonald's Channel, premiere technology features and great staff, will provide a unique and fun dining experience for its guests at a one-of-a-kind restaurant that can only be found in Las Vegas," said Brian Unger, senior vice president at McDonald's USA, LLC. "This is a destination location for McDonald's - a must see restaurant that people will talk about for years to come."

For more information on McDonald’s products/services, visit www.mcdonalds.com.


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