Stinova’s Digital Signage Software Supports NVIDIA ION-Based Platform -

Stinova’s Digital Signage Software Supports NVIDIA ION-Based Platform

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Stinova Ltd., a developer of digital signage software solutions, recently announced cross-platform support for the new NVIDIA ION-based hardware platform.

The NVIDIA ION-based platform solutions are ideal for high-definition video and GPU-accelerated video applications that take advantage of NVIDIA CUDA technology, according to the company.

ION also supports ‘DirectX Compute’ as part of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system, said the company. ‘DirectX Compute’ running on NVIDIA’s CUDA computer hardware architecture delivers a major boost for small form-factor digital signage players because it accelerates media-rich applications that run poorly or not at all on today’s low-powered PCs, and leaves plenty of processing power to deliver exciting graphical transitions and smooth running tickers, according to the company.

“With this solution there are four major factors coming together that the digital signage applications need from a hardware platform — excellent video decoding performance, small form-factor, low-power consumption and — most important — highly cost effective,” said Franz Hintermayr, director of Stinova, Landsberg, Germany. “We have completed testing and certification on this new ION-based platform and successfully ported our digital signage software for both Linux and Windows, and we are very pleased with the results of this exciting combination,” said Hintermayr.


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