Media Vision Announces Poetry Slam Winner -

Media Vision Announces Poetry Slam Winner

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After two weeks of competition among four artists for the Audio Matters Slam Poetry Campaign, Media Vision has announced the winner: Tony Fearnone. 

The artists competed to express their soulful insight on why #AudioMatters by finding original and interpretative angles. This campaign was featured in many media channels and social platforms, receiving approximately 600 total votes, with some of the contestants evenly matched, bringing the contest to a close finish.

See the winning lyrics below, and don’t forget to check out thevideo. 

Replace my father’s surround sound speakers, with a flat screen?

And watch as dance parties and slow jams evaporate from our living room.

Without love songs and slow tempo,

I would never have been born;

There is no life without sound.

If music abandoned us,

Life would become a silent film.

Color would see no point, and go their separate ways

Rainbows would become sheet music without notes

What is a car without radio, wheels?

A destination without a journey,

Where no one ever truly arrives

But this mic 

Lets the lions roar within my whisper

This mic

Puts the orchestra in my inflection

Gives volume to the voiceless

Speakers to the speechless

Fills the seats in the back, 

And turns rainbows into radio.

My father can hear me,

in surround sound say 'I love you.'

Even when I'm not in the room

Is your heartbeat not echo to the big bang?

Are your ears not microphones to it?

Audio Matters!


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