Panasonic - Covering You from All Aspects -

Panasonic - Covering You from All Aspects

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From digital signage, to outdoor TVs, to projectors, to plasmas—Panasonic offered a lot to see in a short amount of time.

Notable was their 85-inch interactive plasma, which was running a full Windows operating system. The unit was also available in a 65-inch version. The 65-inch version may find it’s way into the educational market as a touch and learning tool for students. I don’t know about you, but I surly would have retained more in school if it were interactive.

Like Sony, Panasonic also was debuting a Laser Projector; sadly all available on hand ‘experts’ were occupied, so I don’t have any specs. It is exciting to see new projection technology at the show—not just based in resolution, but also based in the mechanics and life of the unit.

An issue with outdoor displays is the internal temperature of the unit. Once it gets too hot, the screen goes black. Reacting to this issue, Panasonic had introduced a new series of outdoor units with built-in fans. This keeps the units cooler and was demonstrated with a blaring light shining on the unit. It was still cool to the touch and I was there at the end of the day. The only wrinkle is this adds filer replacement, but it only needs to be done once a year. These units are a fully outdoor unit—able to handle weather from any direction.

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Epson Shows Off Passionate and Products at InfoComm

On the Residential side, I picked up Epson a year ago, so I know firsthand they make a good product. I’m a big believer that in the slogan, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Should this be the case, we’ll all be buying Epson. They’re win my vote for most passionate about their products at the show.

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Polycom – Playing Well with Others

Polycom wants you to know that they play will with others. RealPresence CloudAXISTM Suite which was just announced will allow you to send a URL link in an email or calendar invitation to anyone with a browser and camera.

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Panasonic 4K Laser Phosphor Projector at InfoComm

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America showed the PT-RQ13KU, a beyond 4K screen resolution projector, at InfoComm 2015. Panasonic will also show the PT-DZ21KU projector, showcasing its impact through a projection mapping display onto a Tesla Model S.

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Panasonic Projectors for Digital Signage

Panasonic has launched the PT-DZ13K Series of projectors, the latest addition to its 3-chip DLP projector lineup. Unveiled at the 2013 NAB Show in Las Vegas, the PT-DZ13K Series’ combination of high brightness, a compact, lightweight body and professional features is suited for a variety of applications, including rental and staging and digital signage.

Panasonic at Digital Signage Expo

Panasonic is showing new displays, projectors and software at Digital Signage Expo 2014. Serving industries such as retail, education, security and hospitality, Panasonic has products for a range of environments, from outdoor sports facilities to school cafeterias and department stores

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Barco's ClickShare Updates BYOD Tech at InfoComm

I like a side of silliness with my AV, so I love the term BYOD. For those of you who have not heard—this is the new coined term for, “Bring Your Own Device,” in the conference room arena. I'm not sure which company or person came up with the slogan, but I like it.