New Products November 2007

New Products November 2007

  • Gator has released a new Wireless-2-Go bag featuring a 2 unit Polyethylene reinforced 19" rack section with a 13.5 inch rack depth and four Polyethylene foam padded cavities to hold microphones with the clips on. The storage capacity of the Wireless-2-Go continues with 4 additional cavities for body pack storage with antennas, 16 predrilled foam slots for batteries and a zippered compartment for lavaliere microphones, headsets and other related accessories. The case is constructed of rugged 600-Denier nylon with aluminum valance and rack rail, through-bolt reinforced handles and Polyethylene foam reinforced front and top lids.

The RSS Digital V-Mixing System incorporates the new RSS M-400 Live Digital Console, configurable digital snakes with high quality remotely controlled mic preamps, and a multi-track recording option. This new fully digital system eliminates the bulk and noise susceptibility typically associated with analog snakes and replaces it all with Cat-5e cable. The M-400 V-Mixing Console features rapid recall of scenes, 100mm motorized and touch sensitive faders, a large bright 800 x 480 color screen, dedicated effect knobs for EQ, pan, and gain.

Creative Stage Lighting Swiveler

Creative Stage Lighting introduced the Swiveler Folding Stand. The Swiveler is a portable, lightweight fixture base for uplights. Weighing only two pounds and just over 15 inches long when folded, the Swiveler is a great solution when portability is a must. The Swiveler is compatible with many conventional fixtures, as well as fixtures like Color Kinetics' Color Blast 12.

Adamson Ultra Compact Metrix Line

The Adamson Metrix Multi-Purpose Line Source Series is a solid solution for front fill, lip fill, or outfill arrays. Despite its small package, the Metrix cabinets produce output levels required in today's concert environments. The ultra compact line-source enclosures are the newest members of the SpekTrix family; featuring both a 5 degree vertical (Metrix) pattern, and a 15 degree vertical (Metrix WAVE) pattern, by 120 degree horizontal pattern.

16x9 Inc. Bebob Box-VM Carrier

16x9 Inc. introduced Bebob Box-VM, the solution for adding a V-Mount power supply to operate on-board camera accessories. Similar in design to the Box-FS and Box-HVR carriers, this system attaches to the baseplate of the Panasonic HVX-200 and other popular compact HDV cameras, and is designed to hold an IDX V-Mount battery such as the Endura 7 or Endura 7S. The 14.4V battery power can be supplied directly or converted to 8.4V and is distributed to the systems 1-D-Tap and 3 hirose 4-pin outputs. Plus, the Box-VM features an additional dimmable D-Tap for powering a camera light.

W.A.C. Lighting Quick Connect System

W.A.C. Lighting presents the Quick Connect System, a low voltage lighting system featuring pendants and fixtures incorporating MR16, Xenon and Halogen Bi-Pin lamps for task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting applications. Quick Connect components provide a wide range of options with coordinated lighting elements that can be used throughout an installation-- ensuring design continuity and a complete decorative look. A key element in W.A.C. Lighting's Quick Connect System is the threaded male adapter that match female threaded adapters used on a variety of lighting systems.

Royer Labs Live Series Microphones

Royer Labs' new Live Series microphones start with the company's SF-24 Phantom Powered stereo ribbon microphone, the R-121 ribbon microphone, and the R-122 active ribbon. Royer Labs has created road versions of these three models, enabling live sound/touring professionals to capture the most subtle details of a live performance with the warmth and sonic transparency.

dnp Supernova Epic Screen

dnp denmark released a new product in the Supernova family. The new Supernova Epic Screen provides widescreen reproduction of movies in all aspect ratios displaying superior high-contrast images in 100 percent neutral color. Maintaining a constant image height as in a movie theater, the Supernova Epic's motorized masking system is fully adjustable from closed to 2.40:1 settings delivering the ultimate viewing experience for even the most demanding videophile.

Kramer FC-47 and FC-48

Kramer Electronics introduced two new products. The FC-47 will accept an HDMI signal and it will output a digital DVI signal and S/PDIF audio signal. The DVI signal output is on a DVI-I connector and the S/PDIF audio is on an RCA connector. The FC-48 will output an HDMI signal by combining a digital DVI signal on a DVI-I connector along with an S/PDIF audio signal on an RCA connector.

Zaxcom IFB100 2.4-GHz Transmitter

Zaxcom's new IFB100 2.4-GHz transmitter, designed for use with the company's popular TRX900 series of wireless microphone systems, transmits a single RF carrier -- containing timecode, IFB audio, and remote control signals -- to any number of TRX900 wireless systems, giving users the ability to record a group of channels and play them back as a virtual multitrack recording. The unit directly accepts SMPTE timecode and balanced audio at line level.