The Forest And The Trees

  • As NSCA approaches, NAB is just around the corner, and InfoComm looms large on the mid-year agenda, it's easy to get lost in branches.
  • There's so much planning for attending or exhibiting at the industry's major shows, that stepping back and looking at the forest not the trees is challenging for all.
  • As the third voice to be heard from this forest in three months, I'll begin by saying kudos to both Kirsten Nelson and Joy Zaccaria for firmly establishing SCN as the one authoritative voice of the industry. With Joy as our new editor, and Kirsten out in the field as editor-at-large, we're covering every corner of this fast-changing world of systems integration.
  • I've never been more pleased to be a member of this effort. On the heels of SCN's 10th anniversary of publishing last year, I'm logging 10 years in March, and without our team of seasoned pros hammering out the industry's number one magazine each month, I could never have devoted so much time to growing SCN's role in the industry, and bringing the resources of one of the world's most creative publishing companies to market in order to tackle the industry's new technical and marketing challenges.
  • Speaking of our team of seasoned pros, I'd like to recognize a new team member. Our new associate editor for SCN is Jacqueline Bates, who recently made the move from CMP's Car Sound and Performance and AutoMedia. She will assist Joy Zaccaria and managing editor Mary Bakija on the publication as well as at the industry's many events.
  • I'd like to extend a particularly enthusiastic welcome to our new columnist Alan Brawn. A man who needs little introduction in the world of pro video and AV, Alan is a passionate advocate for quality and integrity in our industry. Alan will not only be contributing in-depth articles on technical and marketing trends in AV, video and digital signage, he will be working with me to marshal creative resources designed to help industry players bring new ideas, new technology and new services to market.
  • The industry is changing, and we're increasingly involved in ways that reach beyond the pages of our monthly magazine. Events and conferences bring together designers, buyers and sellers of AV services. Custom publishing services help systems integrators, designers, or equipment suppliers get their message out to new customers. Working with key associations grows the reach and scope of trade shows and education. Training and marketing initiatives ensure that understanding of the great products and services available from our readers is being disseminated efficiently.
  • That's a big job, but we've got the people to do it. Not just our own staff at SCN, but with our vast base of CMP staff that cover AV, IT, the entertainment industry, consumer electronics, and every corner of an increasingly interconnected market.
  • So before the year gets too hectic, it's appropriate to catch our breath here at SCN, and say: the industry has never been more exciting. The names of AV display products that were only attainable by top corporations or institutions just a few years ago are now practically household names. The new digital signage market means that AV is now being taken out of the boardroom, classroom, and church, and into public spaces.
  • If you're not ramping up to meet growing demand, you should be. We're on the verge of a boom in AV that will make 1999 look complacent. If you lack the resources or the time to grow your company to meet that demand, there are resources out there to help you get there.
David Keene is a publishing executive and editorial leader with extensive business development and content marketing experience for top industry players on all sides of the media divide: publishers, brands, and service providers. Keene is the former content director of Digital Signage Magazine.