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STRATACACHE Announces New ActiVia SNet Scalable, Secure Overlay IP Network

  • STRATACACHE announced ActiVia SNet, a STRATACACHE network application enabling an application-level secure IP overlay network for public network content and media delivery.
  • With ActiVia SNet, STRATACACHE applications can securely link and communicate to remote devices or media players thru NAT environments via secure tunnels across the public Internet without the use of dedicated VPNs.
  • Key applications include Digital Signage systems.
  • ActiVia SNet defines one supernode per overlay network, serving as the central node of the network to which all edge devices securely communicate.
  • ActiVia SNet functions:
  • * Links hosts through a secure IP overlay network
  • * Uses a single tunnel interface on each host to connect to an unlimited number of peers
  • * Allows communication between devices hidden behind NAT routers
  • * Performs IP allocation of devices
  • * Scalable star topology to tens of thousands of devices
  • * Encryption
  • * Overlay SNet traffic is fully encrypted and secure
  • ActiVia SNet benefits:
  • * Allows all media delivery, digital signage, and content distribution applications to work in complex enterprise networks without significant changes to existing firewalls and network security
  • * Supports esoteric NAT-to-NAT environments
  • * Dramatically reduces network configuration time
  • * The supernode only requires a single port to be opened to its public IP
  • * This port can be modified to fit the network's policies without impact on other applications
  • * No configuration is needed on the edge network
  • * Offers transition to IPv6 networks
  • * The overlay network can be deployed on IPv6 networks and will provide IPv4 transport to STRATACACHE applications
  • * Lightweight: Can be implemented within embedded devices

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